Book review: ‘Street Boners’ effectively plays funny fashion police


If you think women and gay guys have a lock on making fun of people’s outfits, you don’t know Gavin McInnes. A great way to meet him is through his new book, Street Boners: 1,764 Hipster Fashion Jokes. It’s filled with photos taken by Gavin’s assistants and one-liners written by McInnes. It’s not rocket science, but it works. A couple of examples:

On the guy wearing giant sunglasses: “Sunglasses like this are racist towards cartoonists because you leave them unable to exaggerate.”

On the guy wearing an opal bracelet: “Native American jewelry is such an obvious scam to get girls to talk to you, it makes guys who carry a puppy look like Lemmy.”

Street Boners

By Gavin McInnes, Grand Central Publishing, $19
Four stars

On the guy wearing thick-soled, buckled shoes: “This 1950s mental-institution shoe is great for everything from limping around your pirate ship 100 years ago to courting Frankenstein.”

On the girl in red tights, black soccer shorts, a plastic necklace, a busy tank top, and bright red lipstick: “She looks like she was playing musical chairs in a bag of clothes and lost.”

My recommendation is as straightforward as the book itself: If you laughed at the above jokes (as I did), buy the book. If you didn’t, don’t.


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