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Meet the new darling of Vegas tech, Tracky

Sam Glaser @sammyglaser

Las Vegas’ latest tech darling launched last week with a media conference inside Switch Communications' SuperNAP and a quintessentially Vegas after party at Mike Tyson’s former estate. The launch party demonstrated the supportive nature of the #VegasTech, with 500 guests celebrating Tracky's launch and the growing local startup community.

Sporting the tagline “Connect. Collaborate. Done,” Tracky is a social collaboration platform that organizes users’ personal and business lives in an environment designed for thought partnering. The technology lets users manage and enrich their varying daily tasks by integrating elements from social media and project management. Tracky combines a robust task manager with collaborative tools like cloud-based file sharing, shared calendars and online chat—all securely hosted in the high performance Switch SuperNAP. Think of it as the one place to plan spring break with friends and manage a complex cross-departmental business initiative.

And CEO and founder David Gosse used Tracky to coordinate its launch party. Executives and DJs shared music and planned the party vibe—turns out, Gosse is a long-time house music fan.

Tracky’s freemium model delivers the full experience without an expense barrier—free for five projects, 100MB of file storage and an auto-syncing iPhone app. After that it’s $5 for unlimited projects and 1GB of storage ($.35 per GB thereafter).

And Tracky is having an eventful spring. After receiving $1 million in seed funding from angel investors, family and friends, the team showcased at South By Southwest before returning to Vegas for the public launch. The company has 4,000 registered users and a goal to reach 700,000 this year. Now, Gosse is seeking another round of financing from brand name investors. But it does have some competition. Yammer, Basecamp, Socialcast, Wonderlist and Jive offer various flavors of private social networks and collaborative communities. is lurking nearby with recently acquired Chatter, an enterprise social network, and, a collaboration program.

While some of these companies use the term “social collaboration,” they seem focused on the workplace. Gosse explains that companies today “work with so many people, vendors, clients, [but the existing technology] makes it hard to collaborate outside of your own team.” Tracky is taking a more open approach, believing users will see benefits in bridging professional and personal projects. CMO Jennifer Gosse explains, “The market has a lot of project management tools and a lot of social media connection tools. But the corporate platforms don’t take it beyond the team … and the social tools make it hard to openly collaborate.”

As Vegas Tech grows, “collaboration” is becoming an omnipresent buzzword. That makes Tracky a fitting local champion, paving the way for the next generation of Vegas startups—and epic parties.


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