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Mystic Falls Park: An awesomely weird (indoor) winter wonderland

Jewel Lynn Morales, 7, catches snowflakes during the opening of the 20th annual Mystic Falls winter wonderland at Sam’s Town Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014.
Photo: Steve Marcus

Mystic Falls Winter Wonderland

Mystic Falls Park Winter Wonderland | Sam’s Town | November 26, 2014

Animatronic animals don’t need anything extra to draw stares, but that has never stopped Sam’s Town from indulging guests in the daily ritual of music, dancing water and crazy laser lights of Mystic Falls Park. For the holidays, the free attraction makes it snow in Las Vegas, and the fearsome wildlife is rocking Santa’s castoffs. On opening night, the lone wolf howled against a Pink Floyd spray of light, and fake snow fell through rainbows into the hands of 7-year-old Jewel Lynn Morales. You only wish your dreams could be this awesomely weird.

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