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Bang for your booze: Jackpot Vodka gets you resort credit at the Palms


Getting bonus shot glasses or a nifty cocktail shaker with alcohol purchases is pretty standard, but how about some three-chili chicken from Lao Sze Chuan to complement your next bottle buy?

That’s a reality now, thanks to a partnership between the Palms and Jackpot Spirits. Each bottle of Jackpot Vodka comes with a $25 minimum resort credit at the off-Strip property. Buyers simply register a unique five-character code (found on the bottle cap) at to reveal their $25+ offer, and from there they can use the credit at Palms food and beverage outlets, the hotel spa and on room expenses at checkout.

The promotion began November 17, and a Palms representative says a handful of credits have already been redeemed. That Chopin bottle is looking mighty pricey now, ain’t it, vodka snobs?

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