Absinthe’ star Penny Pibbets is going solo


If you’ve ever watched Absinthe at Caesars Palace and thought, “I want more of that foul-mouthed, puppet-wielding redhead in my life,” your wildest rainbow-scented dreams are finally coming true: Penny Pibbets is going solo.

The petite, consistently prom-attired comedian is debuting a live TV-style talk show directed by Zumanity’s Shannan Calcutt at Art Square Theatre on December 21. “We can talk about evil; we can talk about art; we can talk about the galaxy; we can talk Ebola, Rainbow Brite …” says Pibbets, adding that she’ll get up close and personal with the audience, as well as special guests—which may or may not be sock puppets.

Or they may just be socks. Pibbets is raising money for the 13-show run on Kickstarter, and with about two weeks to go, she’s still well short of her $19,990 goal. “I asked the Gazillionaire for the money, but he said get out of my office, you’re bothering me,” she says. Donors can pledge $27 and receive a ticket to the show or fork over more cash for thank-you gifts like a Penny Pibbets T-shirt, calendar, original poem or, for a cool $500 pledge, your very own handmade sock puppet.

“I’ve always wanted to do something on my own. I always feel like sometimes people are telling me to be quiet and also, ‘That’s enough,’ and ‘Calm down.’ So I wanted the chance to do my own thing and not have that wise voice to tell me to stop.” Imagine the possibilities.

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