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In brief: A new climbing gym, hotel rooms at the Gold Spike (again) and more

The Ultimate Crash Pad suite is shown at Oasis at Gold Spike in downtown Las Vegas Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014. The Oasis, a boutique hotel owned and operated by the Downtown Project, officially unveiled renovations during a tour Tuesday. The suite was created by combining two of the older hotel rooms.
Photo: Steve Marcus

Rock on

Red Rock Canyon is a “top international rock-climbing destination” (if the New York Times says it ...), but even expert climbers like to brush up in the comfort of a gym. A new bouldering-specific outpost opened in Las Vegas last week, the 11,300-square-foot Refuge. But it’s not just about sick walls. There’s a fitness area for building freaky forearm muscles, and classes to help newbies and next-geners get skilled. If you’re worried about contending with uptight athlete syndrome, just check out the Refuge’s opening-day Facebook post, featuring Grumpy Cat looking underwhelmed. Let the chalky fun begin. —Erin Ryan

Downtown Project Unveils Oasis at Gold Spike

The next evolution

Usually casinos evolve like this: Empty lot --> construction site --> casino --> implosion --> empty lot. The Gold Spike? Not so much. In recent years, the Downtown property has gone from total dive to boutique hotel-ish to Downtown Project dorm and now back to boutique hotel, as DTP opened the Oasis at Gold Spike this week. The 44-“crash pad” property features amenities like bike rentals, turntables and a vinyl library, and coworking spaces (natch), with rooms starting at $49 for a random Wednesday in November. Oh, and there’s this: Bunks are still available for Life Is Beautiful this weekend—for $229 and up. —Sarah Feldberg

Driving the point home

The kudos just keep coming for Checker Cab driver Gerardo Gamboa, who made national headlines last Christmas for finding—and returning—$300,000 in cash in the back of his cab. He got a $10,000 reward from the money’s owner and a “Cab Driver of the Year” citation from the Clark County Commission in January. Now, Gamboa will be heading to San Antonio, Texas, to get an international award: the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association’s 2014 Taxicab Driver of the Year honor. Call us cynical, but with Uber on the way to Las Vegas, this smacks of beating an already well-established good deed into the ground. —Ken Miller

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Sarah Feldberg

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