Prepare to pay more and later for Downtown parking


The recent announcement of the City of Las Vegas’ partnership with Parkmobile and PassportParking apps, with which users can add money to Downtown parking meters, stirred up social media more for its unveiling of new standardized meter fees—including a time-limited, seven-day-a-week $2-$3/hour premium zone in high-traffic areas until 10 p.m. and an unlimited $1/hour supplemental zone farther away primarily for multi-hour customers and Fremont East employees. Critics took issue with having to pay more (and later), especially for something so famously free elsewhere, as well as the possibility of Downtown Project—which offers Fremont East a cheaper per-hour alternative at its Llama Lot—instigating the overhaul.

Parking Manager Brandy Stanley says the changes were initiated internally in 2012, before the city partnered with DTP’s private lots, and finessed last year after a 2013 survey revealed deep dissatisfaction with parking accessibility, which the new plan aims to increase (albeit with a price bump) with high-turnover spaces closest to the area’s entertainment hub. “Any time you change things or there’s a rate increase, there will be some complaints,” Stanley says.

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