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Uber update: After a long fight, ride-hailing companies have a green light in Nevada

Uber is finally here! Again! Well, almost …

Uber is finally here! Again! Well, almost. After a somewhat tumultuous session, the 2015 Nevada Legislature passed two bills allowing ride-hailing companies to operate in the state, and Governor Brian Sandoval signed them into law late last week. Assembly Bill 175 establishes regulations and creates a 3 percent tax on Uber rides, expected to raise $70 million over the next two years, and AB 176 places Uber under the purview of the Nevada Transportation Authority, the bureaucratic body that oversees taxis, limos and towing companies.

Per the law, ride-sharing companies such as Uber can begin operating here as early as July 1.

The law will allow Uber, Lyft and similar services to negotiate directly with airports and hotel-casinos. Uber rep Eva Behrend says the San Francisco-based company is accustomed to working with hotels to designate pick-up locations, and the Las Vegas market should be no different. Meantime, prospective Uber drivers can apply online, and prospective riders can download the app and create profiles.

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