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Capturing joy and heartbreak at the World Armwrestling League’s Las Vegas Regional

Photo: L.E. Baskow

World Armwrestling League Las Vegas Regional | UNLV’s Cox Pavilion | 4:14 P.M. | May 30, 2015

World Armwrestling League Las Vegas Regional

This photograph by L.E. Baskow is not about the action in the front. Sure, the contorted, exertion-blushed face of Dickie Spiroff of Homestead, Florida, is almost as enthralling as the topography of his tattooed muscles. But the fun is in the egg hunt for every human emotion on the faces around him. Blurred, distant and half-covered by shoulders or shadows, they give you the feelings of the moment—concern, sympathy, amusement, maybe a bit of belief in the impossible. It’s kind of like a televised football game, where the camera leaves the field to capture the joy or heartbreak of fans. It’s intimate, and so relatable.

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