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Best in PrintYear in Review: Current events 2008
It was brutal, but at least it was also grueling, with occasional hope sprinkles read article
Best in PrintArts and Entertainment: The year that was
A trash-sifting robot, the return of Portishead and High School Musical 2 at Green Valley High?! read article
Best in PrintThe ultimate New Year’s Eve guide
with a little something for everyone read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionUnion rules(1 comment)
Admittedly, it feels like a sign of the economic times, when the Culinary Union, the 55,000-member collective of hospitality workers, decides to pick a fight ... more
The IntersectionIn the margins
A few weeks ago, I was staring at Steve Wynn while he went on about his theories as to why the economy was in the ... more
The IntersectionNaming the dead
In 2005, 75 people died on the streets here; in 2006, 78; in 2007, 51; and this year, 48. On Thursday evening, volunteers gathered at ... more
The Help Desk
Las Vegas gets up to 8 inches of snow in biggest storm in decades. Just remember—it’s not global warming. It’s ’cause God hates Las Vegas! ... more
Tiny little rant: We’re the bosses
When we heard a mortgage broker in town had to close up shop because she couldn’t renegotiate her mortgage with her bank, we thought, what ... more
The IntersectionOf frozen butts and Hasselhoff
International recording and TV star and onetime Vegas resident … wait for it … David Hasselhoff, looking every bit as Hasselhoffy as in your dreams ... more


Booze, schmooze and Jews
On a prominent VIP table, a massive menorah blazes, a first in VIP-table history, I’d imagine. more
NightlifeThe return of Spundae
They’re baaaaack. After an extended absence in Las Vegas, the Spundae nightlife events and promotion family is returning with all new parties in 2009. more
NightlifeJoe Bravo—Velvet Rope Superman
A doorman who doesn’t take himself too seriously? Bravo! more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentQ & A with UFC fighter Frank Mir
Hometown UFC fighter Frank Mir has had a roller-coaster MMA career, and he’s just 29. He’ll compete against Antonio “Minotauro” Nogueira for the interim heavyweight ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThree questions with Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk)
Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) gets nostalgic for a rough Vegas show and explains just what he’s doing up there on stage. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe power of love
On November 3, Ainjil was shot eight times in a home invasion that resulted in the death of her fiancé Jonathan “Caine” Lestelle and the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentA Maz, Maz, Maz, Maz, world
It’s like he came out of nowhere; one minute earning a Ph.D. at UCLA, the next not only touring with four Middle Eastern comedians under ... more
Arts and EntertainmentA low-stakes showdown
Frost/Nixon is just an entertaining clash of two oversized egos, and that’s fine by me. Just so long as 30 years from now we aren’t ... more
Arts and EntertainmentAn explosive import
If a filmmaker such as Korea’s Kim Ki-Duk registered at all on the fickle scales of the American movie-going public, he’d probably be as detested ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHey Jo, stop playing Koy
Here’s the thing about local comedians in Vegas: You’ve got to leave to succeed. more
Arts and Entertainment2008 in music: A critical dialogue between Spencer Patterson and Annie Zaleski
Two Weekly critics talk music and musicians in 2008. more
Arts and Entertainment 2008: The best & worst in movies
From the best and worst drug dealers of the year to the bet use of multiple F-bombs, Weekly give it’s own film awards. more
My 2008 in the Valley of the Dolls
Not unlike the three ingénues in Valley of the Dolls, all I had in September was hope and a great view of the Vegas skyline. more
Arts and EntertainmentEncore: Let there be light(1 comment)
There is, quite literally, no surface of this building, no wall, no ceiling, no floor, no pillar that has not been touched with woodwork or ... more


ScreenCalculated warmth
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is full of big Hollywood grandeur, with a movie-star lead performance from Brad Pitt, yet it’s also as controlled ... more
Once upon a time, a movie set amongst priests and nuns and portentously titled Doubt might have concerned a crisis of faith. These days, however, ... more
ScreenBedtime Stories
Sandler is the reason to see this; he doesn’t exactly bond with the kids, but he plays nicely with them, and his effortless rapport makes ... more
ScreenI’ve Loved You So Long
Sometimes a great performance can save a mediocre movie, and sometimes even the most accomplished bit of acting flounders in the face of awkward writing ... more
The one major obstacle to getting completely wrapped up in Bryan Singer’s World War II thriller Valkyrie is, unfortunately, its star, the much-maligned (lately, at ... more
ScreenThe Spirit
At one point, for no good reason, Mendes’ sultry jewel thief photocopies her own ass. That’s this movie in a nutshell. more
ScreenMarley & Me
It’s a dog movie. If you’ve ever owned a dog—or seen another dog movie, for that matter—there is nothing in Marley & Me that will ... more

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60-second grocery shopper
Winter is here, and what better way to revel in the cold than with ice cream? Yup. Nothing like ice cream on a cold day to make you forget those 100-degree moments in July.
A bite to remember
TasteDespite lots of glitzy local openings, 2008 wasn’t a banner year for Vegas restaurants. But in this down economy, it seems fitting that lower-priced entrees such as sandwiches and Asian dishes ranked high on my yearly list. Nothing here costs more than $20.
Nog it up!
TasteClassic eggnog is a drink for those living on the wild side. It’s for the calorie-unconscious thrill seekers who enjoy a damned-if-I-get-salmonella rush.




CD Cover Under the radar albums
The end of 2008 is the perfect excuse to clue you in on a few albums that have been appreciated, but previously un-reviewed, by the Weekly.
CD Cover Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy is still a scrappy live rock band, but its studio confections are now pure pop ear candy. That was evident on 2007’s glossy Infinity on High, and ...
CD Cover Desertscraped: New Noise From the Neon Wilderness
A noble attempt to document Las Vegas’ generally ignored experimental scene, this 13-track compilation succumbs more to logistics than to its oddball sound array. Curated by local writer Jarret Keene, ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Dec 24, 2008
by Xania Woodman

French ‘09

Noir mixologist Andrew Pollard was given carte blanche by the Weekly to come up with the dreamiest cocktail possible for your big holiday soiree. Just a few weeks ago we ...