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JUNE 11 - JUNE 17
Best in PrintBrother act
The easygoing local filmmakers behind Thor at the Bus Stop read article
Best in Print‘Truth will always come out’
Three questions with filmmaker Amir Naderi read article
Best in PrintMovin’ on down
As the economy worsens, Downtown is finding itself an unexpected beneficiary read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionHow much did the prospect of redistricting in two years temper legislative Democrats this year?
The Democrats’ failure to effect any real change to Nevada’s tax structure during the last session was likely driven in part by a desire to ... more
The IntersectionOverheard at First Friday
Random comments from the recently downsized cultural event. more
The IntersectionSix things we now fear more than Las Vegas anarchists
Last week, in profiling a handful of local anarchists, the Sun told readers, “Johnson says Las Vegas has no reason to fear him or his ... more
Tiny Little Rant: Shortcut Capital of the World
We’re not sure how it happened, but our city has become what we’ll call the “Shortcut Capital of the World.” more
The IntersectionA genius play
Whoever bought Binion’s to get the World Series of Poker for Harrah’s, and then dumped the casino, still looks like a genius—even in this economy. more
The IntersectionCrash course
What’s up with all the officer-involved accidents lately? And who’s paying the bill? more
Settlement blitz!
Retired judges probably ought to be relaxing at a pool party, cosmopolitans in hand, the voices of angry litigants a thing of history. But instead, ... more
The IntersectionIf these walls could talk
In a city where every good idea is copied three times over, you have to give the Palms points for originality. On June 1, the ... more
Ask Dead Elvis: Was KLAS-TV Howard Hughes’ personal VCR?
Truth or Vegas myth: When Howard Hughes owned KLAS-TV, did he really have the program manager repeat programs he missed, like it was his personal VCR? more
An easy target, a misguided notion
Why the people of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, should be grateful for, not suspicious of, their new casino. more


NightlifeSvast Differences: A producer finds hope in the city of Sin
House music used to be in DJ and producer Thom Svast’s Cheerios, but the Chicago native has gone Vegas and he’s got a mission behind ... more
NightlifeGone the way of the go-go
What ever happened to all those live musicians and dancers?! Apparently, neither you, the physical club nor the DJ counts as live entertainment. more
NightlifeWhen the going gets tough, the tough get tackled
A recent battle between local party crews the Army of Drinkers and Team FML—to see which could bring the biggest entourage to Bare Pool—was a ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentTruth in the synthetic
The opening film at Cinevegas this year isn’t as high-profile as past offerings The Rocker, Hustle & Flow and Ocean’s 13, but like Ocean’s, it ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSmartly, Supernatural aims to please casual Santana fan
Legendary hippie rocker Carlos Santana and the Vegas tourist are on different wavelengths. more
Arts and EntertainmentAnimal Collective
On Saturday night, I felt proud to live in Las Vegas. I rarely experience that sensation at rock shows. more
Arts and EntertainmentBig bucks for famous bricks
Elvis left the building long ago, but his nasal douche remains and is being offered to the highest bidder. So are 30 pairs of Ann ... more
Arts and EntertainmentCompletely pain-free
You know it’s summer because USA is debuting another breezy, rather formulaic new drama that will be fun to watch but probably not occupy a ... more
Arts and EntertainmentBeer in a book
At 120 pages, B Is for Beer is just about the right size for a round-trip plane ride, and manages to fit a six-pack’s worth ... more
Arts and EntertainmentShow time for Conan
When Jay Leno took over The Tonight Show from Johnny Carson in 1992, the transition was fraught with tension, and the backstage drama was often ... more
Arts and EntertainmentWolf among the flock
Kevin Roose was your typical Brown University sophomore. He studied, he partied, he protested, and he sang in an a cappella group. And then, one ... more
Arts and EntertainmentLearn poker from the master
Throughout the 2009 world Series of Poker, players and fans will get the chance to learn from the pros, including Mike “Mad Genius” Caro and ... more
Arts and EntertainmentMan of the House
During his six-year run as head talent buyer for Las Vegas’ House of Blues, Max McAndrew cemented the venue’s standing as a hub for consistently ... more
Arts and EntertainmentRemembering Sam
It’s hard to overstate the legacy of Sam Butera, who died here June 3 at 81; the flashy but deceptively agile tenor sax player and ... more
Arts and EntertainmentKy-Mani Marley brings rain and reggae to the desert
Ky-mani Marley will bring more than passionate music and a heartfelt message to the Reggae in the Desert festival this weekend. “I love the desert, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentCoffee topped with art
The top of any truly loved coffee beverage is a canvass, a small but alluring place for the artiste/barista to create a thing of visual ... more
Fruit from the Blackberry bush
What kind of pop-culture machinators would we be if someone didn’t immediately publish a small gag book about what might appear on Obama’s BlackBerry? more
Arts and EntertainmentNeonopolis Art Center: Gone, but maybe not forever
Amid rumors of poor ventilation, no air conditioning and canceled leases, the once-promising Art Center at Neonopolis is officially closing. more


ScreenThe remaking of Pelham 1 2 3
Although it’s a question that Hollywood often fails to answer, the prevailing mystery with most movie remakes is “Why?” more

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O, Harry!
TasteBarbecue has to be really, really good. There must be hours of loving care and, hopefully, some smoke involved in the process. And it should be a little rough around the edges, right?




CD Cover Dave Matthews Band
the excellent King memorializes LeRoi Moore in the best way possible—by way of effervescent, inviting music that celebrates the longtime DMB credo, “eat, drink and be merry.”
CD Cover Kasabian
The third album from the endearingly sullen U.K. neo-psychedelics features co-production courtesy of Gorillaz’s Dan the Automator, a duet with actress Rosario Dawson and an overall reining-in of the band’s ...
CD Cover Sonic Youth
It would scarcely seem possible for a six-minute Sonic Youth song titled “Anti-Orgasm” to prove predictable, yet...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jun 11, 2009
by Xania Woodman


Before downing your Ono, be sure to savor every second with the most expensive cocktail in Vegas. Sweetening the deal, it’s also served up with a signature XS women’s pearl ...