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Best in PrintThe vast Santanic conspiracy
Is St. Nick the tool of a plot too monstrous to mention? read article
Best in Print2009: A year in review
Not because we want to. Because we have to. It’s been that kind of a year. read article
Best in Print2009 was the year …
Weekly writers weigh in on what they learned about themselves this year. read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionYou gonna pay for that?
Police can now charge inmates for any damage incurred at the North Las Vegas jail. more
March of the red umbrellas
Abigail Goldman on the scene as sex workers take to the Strip. more
Damn! Thought we had the job
We appreciate you coming in to allow our inspectors to verify your claims of length and circumference. more
The IntersectionFour things the other reporters missed at the Aria opening
Observations from Rix Lax and his temperature-sensitive date. more
The IntersectionCasino execs: Why all the hatin’?
Vegas collegiality only seems to work in times of plenty more
The IntersectionSix suggestions for improving CityCenter
Bacon and beer make everything better. more
The IntersectionJersey Boys 2.0(1 comment)
The guidos are coming, and they’re prepared to battle it out on the dance floor for club dominance on the Strip. more
Suggestion Box: Send Criss Angel away
We miss Strippermobile. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Um. I guess it’s kind of cute? more


NightlifeThe accidental entourage
When a night spirals out of control it’s usually for the bad. But one night in particular (actual date withheld to protect the Xania), it ... more
NightlifeThomas Kunick—Downtown’s new barman
A friendly new face behind the stick at Downtown Cocktail Room, Kunick joins his new crew after four and a half years at the Artisan Lounge. more
NightlifeEncore gets ready to play pool
Encore will dive into the 2010 pool scene with a new party-pool complex and nightclub. more
NightlifeNite bite: Risque business comes to an end
Risqué Nightclub at the Paris Hotel will cease operations on January 2. more
NightlifeNite Bite: Smokin’ Hot grand opening(1 comment)
Goodbye, worst year ever. Hello, new Vegas party spot! No, really! more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentThe art of payback(1 comment)
An art department insider mocks a celebrated outsider. more
Arts and EntertainmentNew ‘Nutcracker,’ same issues
You can’t judge a ballet company by its “Nutcracker.” Which is fortunate for NBT. more
Arts and EntertainmentPutting the city-sense into CityCenter
Culture tourism is not our high point. People come to Las Vegas for Vegas, but exhaustion sets after a few days. more
Arts Collective taps Wendy Kveck to lead it into next phase
Choosing Wendy Kveck as the Contemporary Arts Collective’s new director sends a message: Expect great things. more
Arts and EntertainmentHustle and go: Vegas hip-hop’s Mr. Do Everything refuses to slow down
After 17 years worth on the local hip-hop frontline, DJ Dantana has stories. more
Arts and EntertainmentIt’s like this and like that
Viking raps from Kid Meets Cougar. more
Arts and EntertainmentMutant showgirl: Lady Gaga touches down in Las Vegas
Lady Gaga out-Cher-ed Cher and turned everyone at The Pearl instantly, ecstatically gay. more
Arts and EntertainmentArea 702 Skatepark looking to correct safety issues, reopen concert venue
Following the last-minute cancelation of In This Moment’s Dec. 17 concert, the all-ages venue is looking to resolve electrical, stage and capacity issues. more
Arts and EntertainmentDon’t tell Gore Vidal about Tera Patrick’s new book!(1 comment)
Picture Glenn Beck with stars obscuring his nipples. Scary, right? more
Arts and EntertainmentPirates, a kid genius and Screech. Oh my!
A few books the Weekly somehow skipped over in 2009. more


ScreenNew ‘Holmes’ a little too elementary(1 comment)
Purists can protest all they want; everyone here is having too much fun to care. more
ScreenThe Young Victoria
This movie is made up of pretty attire and people having polite conversations. more
ScreenIt’s Complicated
Nancy Meyers’ ascent to the top of the female-filmmaker heap is a triumph of mediocrity. more
With “Nine,” we get a photocopied photocopy of Fellini’s landmark film, “8 1/2.” more

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Rolling the dice on Ferraro's
TasteAfter 17 years on Flamingo, the local Italian mainstay gambles on busier hood.




CD Cover Alicia Keys
The one musical constant on this collection is her pretty, if sometimes inconsequential, piano twinkling.
CD Cover Clipse
Til The Casket Drops departs from previous albums, which relied almost exclusively on raps about cocaine dealing over beats from hometown compadres The Neptunes.
CD Cover Jacob Smigel
Useful either as a newcomer’s introduction or a hole-filler for longtime listeners, this rarities collection samples from all corners of the former Las Vegan’s peculiar sonic odyssey.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Dec 24, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Kristen’s Hottest Toddy

Stumbling around Manhattan during last weekend’s “blizzard-like” storm, I found comforts untold in a tequila/Grand Marnier-spiked, cayenne-spiced, hot cocoa amid the Mexican tavern environs of Mayahuel mixology bar, which fortified ...