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July 22-July 28
Best in PrintBrad Garrett is taking the ultimate Las Vegas gamble
The funnyman is pouring his own money into a comedy club at the Tropicana read article
Best in PrintGrub infants! Purring cactus! Stinky popcorn! The eccentric art of Jesse Smigel
The funny, thinky work of eccentric creator Jesse Smigel merges art and novelty… but is it art? read article
Best in PrintJust another day at the office for the Skeptics convention
Complete with a fake moon landing, delusions of God and a haunting by Michael Jackson read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionGun survey triggers strange response from Nevadans
Let’s face it: We like to shoot, cradle a Smith & Wesson from time to time, feel safe in our homes. more
The IntersectionWhy Mel Gibson might wish he lived in Nevada
While California sorts out whether those Mel Gibson tapes were legal, Nevada’s got a piece of advice: Don’t go there. more
The IntersectionDowntown’s Emergency Arts has much planned for its second floor
Open less than three months, it seems the multi-use creative space designed to diversify the Entertainment District is actually taking off. more
The IntersectionRisque business: In line at a Hustler job fair
Hundreds head to Déjà Vu Showgirl for one of 200 job positions. more
The IntersectionMichael Gaughan’s solution to the recession: Expand the South Point
“Well, cutting back hasn’t worked. I decided to try something new. I got tired of hearing about everybody cutting back.” more
The IntersectionThinking about The Killers, liquor at the airport and more
Bye bye, Hollywood Video. Hello, Lara St. John! more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Submitted by Veronica Timas more
The IntersectionWhat have you done In Las Vegas that should stay here?
Whatta you think? The Weekly wants to know. more
Dream Zone: ‘I’m riding a Harley…’
I realize that I actually don’t know how to ride a motorcycle. more
The IntersectionIs this what passes for Vegas hate these days?
Catherine Price gets off only one inspired zinger in her new book, 101 Places Not to See Before You Die more


NightlifeNite Bite: Fusion for a Cause
Art, models and fundraising merged at Nu Sanctuary with eye-popping results. more
NightlifeAn inspiring visit to Krave for Moulin Rouge 2
Who knew a straight couple could have as good a night—if not better—at an “alternative” club? more
NightlifeTiki time at Frankie’s
I ask my Frankie’s Tiki Room date, “What’ll you have?” and she replies, “Just a Diet Coke.” Just a Diet Coke? At Frankie’s? That’s blasphemy. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentVegas’ Prodigy Dance Crew gears up for Hip Hop International run
“Clean it up. Clean. Clean. Clean!” more
Arts and EntertainmentFour notes from Sunday’s Bunkhouse acoustic night
Who says an acoustic night needs to have only acoustic performances? more
Arts and EntertainmentAn arts update: Vegas Valley Book Festival, Nevada Ballet Theatre and LV Philharmonic
The Weekly‘s Kristen Peterson gives you a few notes. more
Arts and EntertainmentWhat to see, hear and do this week in Las Vegas
Inception, The English Beat and more! more
Arts and EntertainmentThe checklist: What are you consuming this week?
Spencer Patterson, Jesse Smigel and Brock Radke more
Arts and EntertainmentMarilyn Minter exhibit is reason enough to check out CENTERpiece
The crossroads of fashion photography and high art are well traveled, but no one does it quite like Minter. more
Arts and EntertainmentInsurgo’s stab at Shakespeare still needs work
There are moments of hilarity and lightness, despite a host of questionable choices. more
Arts and EntertainmentSilversun Pickups raged at The Joint
Man, those Pickups played hard. more
Arts and EntertainmentInstant moviemaking with the 48-hour Film Project
You have until Friday afternoon to sign up to participate in the event and results typically range from unexpected genius to obvious desperation. more
Arts and EntertainmentThree questions with comedian Jarrod Harris
Turdball family members, midgetism and Stephen Colbert. more
Arts and EntertainmentHeavy metal band Early Man sings for Meat(wad)
Already earning respect from Metallica fans, Early Man’s “More to Me than Meat and Eyes” was featured on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force film soundtrack. ... more


ScreenReal, believably flawed people populate “The Kids Are All Right”
Every character in this Sundance hit, regardless of sexual orientation, proves to be believably, entertainingly flawed more
ScreenSalt” is silly fun, then just silly
Angelina Jolie keeps Salt grounded even as her actions become increasingly unbelievable. more
ScreenMiniseries “The Pillars of the Earth” is a dry history lesson
The nearly thousand-page book is adapted into a plodding, dreary, interminable saga. more
ScreenDull biopic “Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky” turns icons into bores
While their chemistry may be inexplicable, that’s no excuse for the lack of insight into Chanel and Stravinsky as people, and minimal dialogue offers little ... more

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The great dim sum search of 2010
TasteThe Weekly’s Brock Radke tries Orchid Garden, Ping Pang Pong, Cathay House, Harbor Palace Seafood and Chang’s Hong Kong Cuisine.
Popcornopolis rethinks a classic snack
TasteNew Excalibur shop is delicious - really, really delicious.




CD Cover CD review: Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse
In the year between the album’s leak and its release, Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous and vocalist Vic Chesnutt both committed suicide.
CD Cover M.I.A.
Despite the controversy surrounding her politics and personal life, you can’t accuse M.I.A. of pandering to the mainstream with her music.
CD Cover Big Boi
But Big’s first solo album is a deliriously fun statement of purpose that should stop fans from begging for new OutKast.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jul 7, 2010
by Deanna Rilling

Figure-friendly cocktails

Heidi Hinkle, you had me at “pickled okra.” As Aria’s Director of Beverage/resident mixologist, Hinkle was charged with the task of creating healthy, lower-calorie options for ladies (and gents) craving ...