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January 6-January 12
Best in PrintBody of Work
For these athletes and entertainers, a sculpted body isn’t just about looking good, it’s the tool that ... read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionShape up, Floyd Mayweather!
The boxer’s always had an edge to him—hell, it’s all but expected in fighters, especially ones with the skill to back up their braggadocio—but enough ... more
The IntersectionBroadway’s ‘Spider-Man’ is proof Vegas does shows right
After a month of awful accidents at the new Spider-Man show in New York, maybe Broadway should consider taking a few hints from the Boulevard. more
The IntersectionFact: Adult or not, AEE has to make money and be legal
With porn stars milling around aisles and aisles of sex toys, it’s easy to forget AEE’s bottom line: make money. more
The IntersectionVegas learns to speak bespoke
Now, at Cosmopolitan’s Stitched, Las Vegas professionals and socialites can experience the precision of made-to-order clothing with every detail considered to suit the customer’s creative direction. more
Making jurors stay up just so a judge can take a vacation is, well, wrong
Apparently taking a vacay is more important than justice to District Court Judge Valerie Vega. more
The IntersectionBellagio shuffes chips after robbery
Hurry. You only have until April 22 to cash in your $25,000 chips. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Submitted by Martin Dean Dupalo more
The IntersectionThinking about broken iPhone alarms and the weather outside and in
Also, the Golden Nugget introduces the coolest ATM ever. more
The IntersectionWhat is your prediction for 2011?
Whatta YOU think? The Weekly wants to know. more
Dream Zone: ‘I was nursing him’
I have recurring dreams about my ex-husband. more


NightlifeNew Year’s Day premiere of ‘Tiesto in Concert’ at the Joint draws a crowd
Tiësto in Concert debuted at the Joint on New Year’s Day, and the Dutch DJ and producer couldn’t have asked for a better premiere for ... more
NightlifeLuxor’s Savile Row aims for an “unpredictable” clientele
There’s this really cool bar that just opened … but you can’t go. more
NightlifeHot Spots: Party with porn stars, Vanity’s first birthday and more
Also, Roger Sanchez brings Release Yourself to Marquee. more
Marquee’s Library Room offers Chicago vibe, hot Vegas women
Rick Lax has figured out why he loves this new Cosmopolitan hot spot. more
NightlifeNightlife news & notes: Club hopping on NYE
Marquee’s Boom Box Room at the newly opened Cosmopolitan was the place to be NYE weekend if you wanted to rub elbows with A-listers and ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentBest Coast surfs into town
“My dreams of becoming Liza Minnelli have come true!” Bethany Cosentio rejoices. more
Arts and EntertainmentROTC + ROFL = Rob Riggle
Rob Riggle has appeared in The Daily Show, SNL and The Hangover. What’s next? A standup show at the Palms. more
Arts and EntertainmentTwitter as art
Tragic or banal, tweets are paired with photos of their settings in ‘Geolocation.’ more
Arts and EntertainmentVisitors disrespect and even damage art in our hotels
Take a look around at the Cosmopolitan for proof of how fine art fares on the casino floor. more
Arts and EntertainmentAn excerpt from Weekly writer Rick Lax’s new book
A shameless plug for Fool Me Once more
LVCS, Roxie Amoroso raise money to aid Africa
Funds to help provide clean water. more
Arts and EntertainmentNew Year’s Day show fills Yayo Taco with hardcore happiness
Caravels, Canopy Glass and First Cousins: a three-part harmony more
Arts and EntertainmentWhat to watch and where to drink this week
This week we’ve got great movies, amazing beers and more more


ScreenWith crooning and cliches, ‘Country Strong’ is pretty weak
Gwyneth sings, Tim doesn’t, and Leighton Meester steals the show? Weekly write Mike D’Angelo discusses. more
ScreenA look at some local feature films now available on DVD
Weekly writer Josh Bell discusses three local feature films, all now available to view right from your couch. more
ScreenTV: The good, the bad and the forgettable
A guide to some of this week’s notable TV premieres more
ScreenAll Oprah, all the time
The daytime queen’s march toward global domination took a big step forward this week. more
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TasteThey’re lining up at South Point for this Midwestern favorite.
A recipe from Eva Longoria (starring lard)
TasteThe Desperate Housewives star shares her recipe for churros.
A corny good time
TasteSwap meets aren’t known for their food, but this corn is crazy good.
Chef Hubert Keller shares his delicious secrets
TasteHubert Keller’s PBS show, coming to Las Vegas, holds nothing back




CD Cover CD Review: R. Kelly's 'Love Letter'
Love Letter shows Kelly’s ability to expand his style.
CD Cover CD Review: Michael Jackson's posthumous album
MJ would be disappointed to hear how Michael turned out
CD Cover Daft Punk's 'Tron: Legacy' soundtrack review
It’s curious and disappointing that the Legacy score has little of the digital dazzle that makes Daft Punk great.

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Born & Raised in Las Vegas

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jan 4, 2011
by Ken Miller

The Best $100 Shot I’ll Ever Take

Freakin’ Frog owner Adam Carmer was absolutely giddy. Sitting at a sturdy oak table at his upstairs Whisky Attic, Carmer was holding court with six lucky souls who had gathered ...