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Slow Children

Life in Reverie

Slow Children - Life in Reverie
Pj Perez

Slow Children doesn’t know when to stop.

On Life in Reverie, the hard-working rock band turns in 10 tracks with an average length of eight minutes. That speaks to the trio’s ability to fully develop melodic concepts, but it also detracts from the power of Slow Children’s songs, which tend to meander after passing the five-minute mark.

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Slow Children
Three and a half stars
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Slow Children

Droning length aside, the band—singer/bassist Caleb Moffit, guitarist Bryan Bacci and drummer Kevin Hutman—demonstrates its ability to not only smoothly morph from near-metal (“Feeling of Release”) to reggae (“Misery for Sale”) to pop-rock (“Happy in Hell”), but also to ably excel in every style. Moffit’s voice is a strong and flexible instrument, as effective and tuneful when bellowing over crunchy distortion as when crooning over a ska beat.

And children of the 1980s should enjoy the guitar hook from “Service the Industry,” which winks and nods at the theme song from a certain David Hasselhoff-starring TV show.


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