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Father Klimaski isn’t really Santa Claus; he just plays him at Studio 54.

Gino LoPinto and the Vegas Alliance crew have bounced back after the Empire Ballroom closure. On July 3, the club scene saw the revival of Local Love Thursdays at its new home inside the Rio’s VooDoo Lounge. Following an opening set by Double Down Charlie Brown, LoPinto’s new music project, Prada Haüs, took the stage.

The Prada Haüs trio of DJ Jeff Bomb, percussionist Naïf and trumpeter Rico DeLargo returned Friday for Late Night Afterhours’ grand opening at Tabu Ultralounge. The July 4 launch of Late Night began at 3 a.m. with an opening set by Sir Thomas. Thomas, who is also the content manager for, was back on Saturday to open for Sandra Collins. In true Late Night fashion, Collins took the stage around 5 a.m. for the DJ Times “America’s Best DJ” 2008 tour (a performance that was originally scheduled for Empire).

Double Down Charlie Brown and Jordan Stevens will be spinning at VooDoo this Thursday, July 10 (former Empire resident Joey Mazzola was originally slated to be Local Love’s resident, but has since signed on with Pure Management Group). Late Night at Tabu Friday will continue to feature Prada Haüs; Chuck Love will headline on Saturday.

And speaking of Tabu …

House-heads can breathe a sigh of relief following the temporary panic upon the announcement that Soundbar and the House Society will throw their last party at Tabu on July 24. Over the past seven years, Soundbar has brought what DJ/co-creator Carlos Sanchez describes as “the best house music and DJs to Las Vegas.” But the party is no stranger to relocating. House of Blues, Curve, Velvet Lounge, The Hop/GLO, Plush, VooDoo and Empire Ballroom have all played host to Soundbar. Co-creator Keith Evan explains that they are currently in negotiations for a new venue. Evan believes Soundbar should have another location to announce before the last Tabu party featuring DJ Timmy Regisford and the House Society Crew.

Sanchez and Evan can only speculate as to the reason the Tabu/Soundbar partnership ended. “I do want to point out that it wasn’t up to Tabu,” says Sanchez. “The GM, Nicholas Quintinar, was not informed, nor had any input on this decision.” Sanchez adds, “I do know that Soundbar was one of the best and most successful nights at Tabu.” If history is any indicator, Soundbar’s goal of “creating a great vibe and great music” will persevere wherever they land.

Temper, temper

This summer, let’s party like it’s December 5, 1933. Or not—it’s your choice! When Downtown Cocktail Room bar manager George Sproule included a “Temperance” menu in his spring and summer drink lists, nestled slyly between the timeless classics and the newly re-legalized absinthe-based cocktails, he had no idea his assemblage of three teetotaling, spiritless cocktails would fly the way they did. But if prohibition isn’t really on your itinerary for the night (as it is rarely on ours), Sproule wisely suggests a suitable spirit to give the namby-pamby drink some spine.

The Sunshine, for example, combines lemon juice, lime juice, sugar, cream and Sprite for a sunny, refreshing libation for only $5. But, Sproule adds, “Try it with gin!” His Pineapple Mint Spritzer is a gas, with pineapple juice, fresh mint, Sonoma White Ginger Syrup and soda water. But, entreats Sproule, “Try it with rum!” And along much the same lines, the aptly named 18th Amendment pairs orange and cranberry juices with lemon and pomegranate syrup, served up. But, Sproule implores, “Try it with vodka!” Then, for a mere $4 upgrade, you can kiss temperance goodbye. They don’t call it a speakeasy for nothing.

“I want no excuses to not have a cocktail,” says Sproule.

Christmas in July: an exclusive interview with Santa Claus*

*Spoiler alert: if you are a child under the age of seven or just act like one, turn the page and look at all the pretty pictures.

Santa Claus is coming to town! Who cares if it’s July? It’s winter somewhere. On Friday, July 25, Studio 54 will transform into “a seductive winter playground complete with a decked-out Christmas tree, candy canes, cascading snow, gifts, sexy elves and Santa Claus.” While we’ve heard this line before—usually in the winter—54 will go the extra mile by importing (all the way from New Jersey, in fact) the Santa to beat all those dime-a-dozeners.

The Father Christmas in question also happens to be Father Klimaski, or good ol’ dad to sons Brian and Steven Klimaski, both with Vegas’ Angel Management Group. On playing the role of Santa, papa Klimaski corrects, “I was born to fill this role. There is no ‘playing.’ It’s my role on Earth to be Santa.” Note: He’s really into Santa Claus—when asked how long he’s been filling St. Nick’s boots, he replies, “Oh, this Christmas Eve will be about 119 years.” And then, you can imagine, a hearty “Ho, ho, ho!”

Santa Klimaski is rumored to be making his arrival on a red power scooter bedecked with garlands, tinsel and even reindeer antlers. “Steve and I are fully aware that we are opening ourselves up to being ridiculed forever,” laughs Brian, VIP services manager with Angel Management Group. “And no, we’re not going to be elves!”


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