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Harvest’s infusion cocktail gives new meaning to freshness

Harvest’s infusion cocktail is perfect for sharing—or not.

Farm to table? For this effervescent infusion cocktail, it’s fresh to taste. Chef Roy Ellamar’s new restaurant Harvest, like his previous venture Sensi in the same location at Bellagio, prides itself on the freshest of regionally sourced and sustainable ingredients, and the cranberry desert sage infusion is a perfect complement.

A clear, round container that looks like the end of a magnifying glass—a porthole infusion jar, to be technical and impress friends—houses this modern-day nectar of the gods. The accompanying glassware, with white-etched design, is rightfully Bellagio-fancy.

The cocktail itself is light and refreshing, a sort of alcoholic fruit salad concoction. The stars are Absolut Elyx vodka and Leopold Bros. maraschino liqueur, and the co-stars are the essence of cranberries, persimmon, kumquat, desert sage syrup and lemon and white cranberry juices.

The beautiful and pristine presentation—with persimmon and lemon slices and whole cranberries in the jar, plus sage as a garnish in the glass—serves about four glasses, perfect for sharing. Or not. Harvest, which opened in late December, is a wonderful bounty of the season’s best, and this infusion is a reason to be enthused. Harvest by Roy Ellamar at Bellagio, 702-693-8865. Daily, 5-10 p.m.

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