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The new Otoro evolves Japanese cuisine at the Mirage

Fresh and raw or sizzling from the grill, Otoro has something for everyone.
Photo: Peter Harasty

Many Vegas visitors have fond meal memories of time spent at the Mirage’s Japonais restaurant, an energetic night spot and haven for sushi and grill enthusiasts. But it was time for some fresh flavors, and that’s where Otoro comes in.

The new spot leans into its swank surroundings with a vibe perfect for business meetings, dates or hanging with friends. The versatile menu features starters, sushi, tempura, large plates and robata sections, among others.

The robata grill produces many of the new eatery’s best plates. As opposed to the traditional charcoal, the Otoro grill—kept at 700 degrees—uses hickory wood to impart bold flavor into meat, seafood and vegetables. Baby artichokes with lemon aioli are one-bite wonders, while asparagus with roasted macadamia nuts have a nice interplay of textures and smokiness. Lamb chops are tender and complemented perfectly by Asian pear jam and sea salt. Oysters are beautifully presented and a delight to shoot, with the sweet, briny shellfish meshing with an excellent array of toppings: yuzu, red miso, wasabi crunch and masago butter cream.

The non-robata signature item is “the rock,” a sizzling hot stone sitting in the middle of a plate atop a decorative mound of salt. Thinly sliced, raw, marinated sirloin steak is presented with it, so diners can cook the meat to their liking. Two seconds on each side achieves medium rare, and that super marinade of white miso, garlic, ginger, salt and pepper permeates every bite.

With Otoro, the Mirage has found a great new piece to fit together with its evolving culinary puzzle. Otoro at Mirage, 866-339-4566; Sunday-Thursday 5-9:30 p.m., Friday & Saturday 5-10 p.m.

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