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Mike Tyson brings new ‘Truth’ to the MGM Grand

Mike Tyson is keeping busy with a new podcast, a cartoon series, and working with Jamie Foxx on a film project.
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The champ is back. Mike Tyson recently debuted a new version of his one-man stage show, Undisputed Truth: Round 2, at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club, sharing new stories from his life beyond the ring. Iron Mike has kept busy with his new podcast, Bite the Mic, and the continuing cartoon saga Mike Tyson Mysteries, but he revealed new projects when we caught up with him recently.

What was it like getting back on the stage? It felt good, a little different telling these stories. It’s all new, so I was just happy that it turned out all right for the first time. It’s completely different, and we’re still tweaking it since it’s so new, trying to get it perfected.

How do you like performing at the comedy club versus other larger venues where you’ve done Undisputed Truth? I feel real comfortable being up there. Normally it’s big stadiums and big stages, so it’s awesome that this is so intimate. On the big stage I’m running around a lot across the stage, wearing me out.

How did you choose which stories to include? There are ones that you might not think are interesting until you hear it. It’s a bunch of funny stuff in this show, more humor. I talk about the fight I was supposed to promote with Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, and they thought that was pretty funny.

Have you ever thought about promoting real boxing? Not my style. Boxing’s in the past.

Do you think the Mayweather-McGregor fight was good for the sport? It was a good fight. I don’t know what it will do for boxing, but the fight was good. No one thought McGregor was going to fight that well; we thought it was going to be over real quick. Boxing comes and goes. Sometimes it’s popular, sometimes it’s not, depending on the champions and the controversies.

What else do you have coming up? We’ve got the podcast and Mike Tyson’s Mysteries, and I’ve got a movie we’re going to do in China, and then Jamie Foxx is going to portray me in a new movie. We’ve been working on that a long time and finally got it [going]. Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth: Round 2 at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club at MGM Grand, Thursday-Sunday through November 20.

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