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Five great songs about Las Vegas

Photo: Mikayla Whitmore

1. Gram Parsons, “Ooh Las Vegas” (1973) He regards Vegas as most songwriters have: as a “crystal city” where “poor boys” get wrecked. But the breezy twang suggests he can’t wait to get wrecked here again.

2. Cocteau Twins, “Heaven or Las Vegas” (1990) Elizabeth Fraser seems to be comparing Vegas to heaven, hell or something else in a rhapsody that glows like that “famous street” in the chorus.

3. Drive Like Jehu, “Bullet Train to Vegas” (1992) This stampeding, screeching escapee can’t wait to get to town … and then get the hell out, after shenanigans of a quasi-legal nature transpire.

4. Shamir, “Vegas” (2015) This one has something others don’t—local perspective. “The city’s alright/at least at night,” Shamir murmurs, looking askance at diversions not meant for him.

5. Big Thief, “Vegas” (2016) “Holed up in Vegas for only one week,” two lost souls connect—and uncover key truths about each other—in this wistful tale by singer/songwriter Adrianne Lenker.

  • Tricky, The Orb and Goldie are all in town for separate shows.

  • I’ve been recommending this residency to strangers, friends, tourists and locals since I saw it for the first time last year.

  • Shimmering Zen presents Stanford’s mandalas at the size of record sleeves, big enough to allow you to stare deeply into the details or for them ...

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