The week in weed: Henderson joins the party


After sitting out the first few months of legal recreational cannabis in Nevada, Henderson will soon permit recreational sales, after the city council voted to lift a moratorium by a 3-2 margin. Five dispensaries in that city are now eligible to apply for recreational licenses and are expected to launch recreational sales sometime between October and December. “The citizens approved it, and we need to recognize that,” said Councilman Dan Shaw, who joined Debra March and Gerri Schroder on the yay side. John Marz, who voted nay along with Dan Stewart, said, “The jury’s still not out yet” on the effects of legalization.

Also this week, correspondence from the state’s Legislative Counsel Bureau to state senator Tick Segerblom suggested the way could soon be cleared for commercial recreational marijuana lounges to open—provided city councils and county commissions approve the licensing. For more on both developments, visit

  • “You shouldn’t realize it’s there; you should only be aware of the benefits that come from it.”

  • “It’s the new dimension in making memories.”

  • Founder Ashley Ayala hopes will the space will foster positive relationships—within the Las Vegas community and beyond.

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