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Best in PrintExtremely even Steven
Will Horsford’s calm be enough in Carson City? read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionHey, Reb, where you going?
Fridays at UNLV are usually sparsely attended; the campus moves at a lazy pace. But the campus sits under an uneasy cloud following proposed budget ... more
The IntersectionYes, Las Vegas, there is homophobia(1 comment)
A few weeks ago, the Review-Journal’s Doug Elfman wrote something shocking. Or, rather, it was shocking to me, and it was even more shocking when ... more
The IntersectionOscar and the panda
Welcome to fabulous, energy-devouring Las Vegas, Mother Earth. We’re standing under that iconic sign—the freshly paved parking lot looks great—waiting for the mayor of Las ... more
Tiny Little Rant: No light at end of unemployment tunnel
The sad truth is that some of you reading this have either lost your job or will lose it before the year is over. But ... more
Three wise men
After eight years of unchecked aggression in our foreign and domestic policy courtesy of George W. Shoe Target, we have someone in the White House ... more
The Help Desk
Study: Las Vegas expected to cut 35,000 jobs this year. But Gov. Gibbons says not to worry—most of those will be teaching jobs Mark & ... more


Notes from four non-blondes
Team Hangover had better things to do than attend last week’s “Blondetourage” party at Tao. Here’s what: more
NightlifeDJ day jobs
As with anyone in a non-9-to-5 career, local DJs still have to pay the bills. From waiters and accountants to graphic designers and life-drawing models ... more
NightlifeBack in the saddle
Lying on my back, drunk as the mint in a Julep, I’m still picking pink bachelorette boa fuzz off the black, felt-covered mechanical bull above me. more
NightlifeOriginal Sin Cider
Seeing the need for a “superior cider,” Original Sin founder Gidon Coll spent his days in upstate New York tasting and his nights in Manhattan, ... more
A little birdie told us
Twitter-addicts of the world unite! The Las Vegas Twitter community will synchronize its efforts for one night as part of the Twestival, a global charity ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentChatting with Kat Von D
Ever wonder why a gorgeous woman would tattoo stars on her face? Now you can discover the reason, along with the story behind every mark ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThree questions with Ne-Yo
R &B superstar Ne-Yo lived in Las Vegas with his mother from ages 9 to 18, while she worked around town as a blackjack dealer, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentBringing down the house?
The Hard Rock Hotel’s print ads for this weekend’s Mötley Crüe shows proclaim that the band will rock the Joint “’til the walls come down.” ... more
Arts and EntertainmentUnlucky number
The miniseries XIII (NBC, February 8 and 15, 9 p.m.) is based on a series of Belgian graphic novels that began in 1984 and are ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSound and vision
Balanchine is to ballet what Sam Phillips is to rock ’n’ roll. Each took the standards of his art form and built upon them, discarding ... more
Arts and EntertainmentAll in the family(2 comments)
The group certainly has the pieces to make it happen. Like The Roots, Rhyme N Rhythm (or RNR) is a live-instrument-based hip-hop band (“a hip-hop/funk/soul ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe best-laid plans …
With her original intentions broken into pieces—literally—Corlene Byrd improvised her way through a memorable Plan B last week at Beauty Bar. more
Music talk radio
Serious music fans love talking about music almost as much as listening to it. But are they up for listening to other people talk about music? more
Arts and EntertainmentA love-in with Friends
Let’s be honest: All of my boyfriends are in the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art’s Lichtenstein, Warhol & Friends exhibit. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe final curtain
Not many venues in the world with a standing-room capacity of 2,000 can boast having had The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Guns N’ Roses and ... more
Arts and EntertainmentRock, paper, rock!
Those Smiths rumors sure fizzled out fast. That Pavement reunion didn’t quite come together, either. So why should the discerning Las Vegas music fan lay ... more


ScreenWhimsical creepiness
Coraline is a whimsically creepy story about a young girl dissatisfied with her family life, who ventures off into a magical world that at first ... more
ScreenHe’s Just Not That Into You
A bitchy, tough-love self-help tome, He’s Just Not That Into You offers advice so blatantly obvious that the entire book can be condensed into a ... more
ScreenHave a “Dam” good time
The Dam Short Film Festival returns to Boulder City for its fifth edition this week, expanding from three days to four and showcasing over 120 ... more

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An unexpected delight
TasteOne might not expect Colonnade Plaza Mall, at the quiet intersection of Eastern Avenue and Pebble Road, to be a repository of good ethnic dining, but it is.
Are you game?
TasteFor anyone heading up to Brian Head, Zion or points north in Utah, a stop at the wild-game restaurant the Gun Barrel is a delightful surprise.
60-second grocery shopper
When you work late or have a million things to do before you finally go home, it’s tempting to do the fast-food thing or resume your friendship with the local pizza-delivery guy. An alternative is to cruise your local Trader Joe’s.


AVN Awards / AEE Convention Coverage



CD Cover Dierks Bentley
Country singer Dierks Bentley mostly sticks with what he knows on fourth album Feel That Fire, while pushing his music closer to the country mainstream.
CD Cover Antony and the Johnsons
How much tortured, perfectly pitched vocal work can a listener experience in one sitting before turning off and reaching for something with a little less purity to it?
CD Cover Ben Kweller
Having already made the transition from grunge wunderkind, Ben Kweller infuses his old-school indie-pop with a restless spirit that has yet to abate.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Feb 5, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Original Sin Cider

Seeing the need for a "superior cider," Original Sin founder Gidon Coll spent his days in upstate New York tasting and his nights in Manhattan, testing out his new creation, ...