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Best in PrintThe transformation of Jay Littman
How one man battled through everything from drug addiction to massive weight gain to forge a multimillion-dollar empire read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionSmooth transition?
AEG live/Concerts West is about to put their sterling reputation to the test with this week’s announcement that Santana will become the resident headliner at ... more
The Help Desk
Las Vegas Metro police are now using Twitter. The first tweet said, “Sprinkles on donuts are for wimps!” More and more Canadians are buying second ... more
Amen Corner: Arrest impersonators!
In this age of uncertainty, how refreshing it is to know that countries such as Suriname are on top of their game against all foreign ... more
The IntersectionYes, we can—but maybe later
Now, with Obama’s $3.6 trillion budget on the line, the foot soldiers of his campaign are being summoned to collect signatures. more
The IntersectionWhen the fun stops
Having evidently learned a little something from the hundreds of acrobats who perform astonishing death-defying feats nightly in its Vegas resorts, MGM Mirage last week ... more
The IntersectionA complex problem
Eager to be green, lawmakers are considering the problem of apartment communities: Few complexes offer recycling. more


What women want(1 comment)
Despite the various pole-dancing and stripteasing classes around town, Stripper 101 at V Theater is dominating the clothes-doffing industry. more
Spring brings a bachelorette stampede
Bachelorette parties spawn a common yet paradoxical breed of night-crawlers. On the bad side: flashing plastic penis tiaras. more
NightlifeThe best damn happy crazy hour. Ever.
Xania works the corner with a burro and a mariachi band. more
NightlifeA bar for mom
To the untrained eye, Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon is Old Vegas. Short, squat and brown, it faces off against Caesars, Bellagio and Bally’s like ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentPerformance anxiety
Even an art naïf can appreciate Off the Strip, a two-week convergence of the world’s more prominent performance and visual artists. more
Arts and Entertainment36-24-36
Four months after her December death at age 85, Las Vegas pays tribute to the “notorious” Bettie Page. more
Arts and EntertainmentDecorating death
Local lawyer and writer Franklin Levy has figured out a way to combine literary muscle and good design. more
Arts and EntertainmentThird time’s no charm
That’s right, even before the curtain has drawn on the Alley’s final performance, the thrice-opened, thrice-shuttered all-ages music hub is already, essentially, dead. more
Arts and EntertainmentCops aplenty
The TV cop drama is a genre nearly as old as the medium itself, and while networks are always looking for ways to tweak the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentRank ’em, Danno
As two new cop series launch on ABC and NBC, Weekly takes a look back at the all-time best television shows about the boys in blue. more
Arts and EntertainmentCenter yourself
You might be tempted to drive by Left of Center Art Gallery & Studio—it doesn’t look quite like your typical Las Vegas gallery (whatever that is). more
Laughing as the boat goes down
“Titanic is a pretty absurdist-type comedy,” says Director T.J. Larsen, although that seems to be putting it mildly. more
Arts and EntertainmentFive random passages from Horse Latitudes, by local novelist Quentin R. Bufogle(1 comment)
2. “Chester aimed the telescope at her. He focused in on the left breast. Looked at that one for a while, then switched to the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe future of moviegoing
High-tech hand-dryers, tiny cheeseburgers, shaking seats and spying cameras—all possibly coming to a theater near you courtesy of ShoWest. more
Arts and EntertainmentSmokin’ tunes(2 comments)
Hefty cigarette-tax increase got you down? Kick back, light up and enjoy a few songs on the topic. more
In a Facebook funk(1 comment)
Suddenly Facebook sucks. It went from intimate and fun to exploitative and uncomfortable. more


ScreenNeat and sanitized
People complain that Hollywood movies don’t give audiences enough credit, that nuance is lost in giant spectacles full of special effects and stuff blowing up, ... more
ScreenAlien Trespass
California astronomer Ted Lewis (McCormack) tracks a fiery object to its crash site, where he discovers an alien spacecraft and a giant one-eyed, tentacled slug ... more
ScreenFast & Furious
Fast & Furious, the fourth film in the ludicrous car-racing franchise, opens with an undeniably exciting sequence that reintroduces Dominic Toretto (Diesel) and Letty Ortiz ... more
No doubt the title is intended ironically, but still—pretty much the last word you’d ever use to describe Adventureland would be “adventurous.” more
ScreenThe Great Buck Howard
The Great Buck Howard is a movie that seems constantly on the verge of turning into something. Its title character is a stage magician, but ... more

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Personality crisis
TasteLast week, I led with information about a Korean taco truck that is sweeping Los Angeles, so it got me in the mood for Korean food. That led me to Maru, the newest and handsomest Korean restaurant in the city.




CD Cover Fever Ray
This time, Andersson and her producers aren’t interested in making you dance; they want to make you feel—extremely uneasy, apparently.
CD Cover Keith Urban
Let’s be honest: at this point, Keith Urban is pretty much indistinguishable from Bon Jovi.
CD Cover Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Firebrand frontwoman Karen O’s coos and squeals remain as sex-soaked as ever, and not far into the ride it becomes clear that no matter what manner of “trendy” territory is ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Apr 2, 2009
by Xania Woodman

The Classic Malts Selection

Happy Tartan Day (April 6)! And what better way to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320 (which asserted Scotland’s sovereignty over English territorial claims, and which ...