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Best in PrintSo you’ve slept with Tiger—now what?
Sometimes the media is your first, last and only line of defense in a scandal read article
Best in PrintSurviving a celebrity scandal, Weekly style
You didn’t ask for this! You just wanted to get laid for goodness sakes! read article
Best in PrintThe $440 paperclip: Shopping out of my league at Crystals
Rick Lax heads to CityCenter’s Crystals to do some Hanukkah shopping out of his league. read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionWhat we’d put in the county time capsule
Items that’ll show 2109 what the here and now was really like. For instance, our mortgages, which will still be underwater in 100 years. more
The IntersectionAn Osmond encounter
Joe Brown was blessed with a vision at City Center. more
Tiny little rant on boring John Ensign
John Ensign’s pop culture moment has finally arrived. more
The Weekly Quote Quiz
Who said it? more
The IntersectionProposed Arts District sculpture is anything but a sure thing
When the city of Las Vegas unveils its sparkling new plaza in the Arts District next month, it will do so without any hint of ... more
The IntersectionHoping a $4.2 million ‘Wrong’ is right(1 comment)
Federal money has agencies scrambling to figure out ways to prevent homelessness. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
The Elin Woods special. more
When tweeting makes you a twit(1 comment)
The debate about disrupting shows to update Twitter followers rages on. more


NightlifeHonoring Sinatra, one cocktail at a time
I humbly wish to further crowd December with a holiday all-too-often overlooked: Frank Sinatra’s birthday. more
NightlifeWhat to do while the world waits for Santa
Two balls in Las Vegas will save your social life this Christmas Eve. more
NightlifeStripper sundaes!(1 comment)
Sexy. Sticky. And with sprinkles in places where the sun doesn’t shine. Sundays just got tasty. more
NightlifeNite Bite: Give the gift they won’t remember
Shopping for the socialite who has everything just got easier. more
NightlifeHerbs & Rye to make the New Year sweet and savory (1 comment)
The beloved Venetian Restaurant is reborn as an Italian ristorante and classic mixology bar. more
NightlifeTeam Hangover Report: Tourists, it’s what’s for dinner
Mama told me not to date tourists. It’s a truism for Vegas locals, yet so damn hard to follow. more
NightlifeTeam Hangover Report: Strike a pose … for unique Holiday parties
Hmm, the wholesomeness of yoga and the decadence of a nightclub—it seems a paradox. more
NightlifeWithout warning: Nightclubs now too quick on the trigger?
Just as some believe God overreacted to Adam and Eve’s crime of weakness, Rick Lax believe bars and clubs overreact to patrons’ own crimes of weakness. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentMother to two Top Chefs (1 comment)
Sharon Mangine’s sons, Michael and Bryan Voltaggio, went 1-2 on a Top Chef season filmed in her hometown. Was it a dream? more
Arts and EntertainmentA tale of two sets: Muse vs. Afghan Raiders
Despite a generally icy reception, the local electro openers showed no fear. more
Arts and EntertainmentGoogling Gaga (1 comment)
More compelling than whether Lady Gaga tucks or had her Adam’s apple shaved is how this pop chimera managed to achieve top-of-mind status in such ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHere, there and everywhere with The Study Band
After its short but successful stint in Vegas, the indie band is moving on again. more
New Yeller
Sometimes it’s better if you pay for it. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe joy of Bob Ross
It’s the return of misty landscapes and “happy clouds.” more
Arts and EntertainmentSerious guitar—times two
Laraine Kaizer-Viazovtsev, violinist with the Las Vegas Philharmonic, has fiddled her way around town and back since moving here a few years ago with her ... more
Arts and EntertainmentWicked games with a ‘Flick of the Wrist’(2 comments)
Defying the ultra-violent or fantasy-driven standard of most popular games, Baker offers titles like “Pro Yolk: Create the Perfect Egg” and “The Implosionist: Every Building ... more
Arts and EntertainmentFirst aid for the art scene
At Emergency Art tenants will choose from exam rooms, doctors’ offices, nurses’ stations and X-ray rooms for their creative lair. more
Arts and EntertainmentGarth, a guitar … any questions?
The arrival of Garth Brooks may be the first glimpse of the next Vegas and a new showbiz paradigm: the anti-spectacle. more
Arts and EntertainmentStardust’ memories: Bowie reconsidered(1 comment)
When did I stop wanting to be David Bowie? Too recently for a Man of a Certain Age is the short but sufficiently mortifying answer. more
Arts and EntertainmentManual of Trickery and Deception” isn’t nearly as intriguing as its title suggests
In the 1950s, the CIA began a secret program under which stage magician John Mulholland was paid $3,000 to write an essay on how the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentOne Model Nation”
Dandy Warhols frontman Courtney Taylor joins the very small group of musicians who have created their own comics—and the even smaller group who have managed ... more


ScreenAvatar: Visually stunning, narratively empty
Take 12 years in between films, and no matter what you do next, expectations will be high. more
ScreenAliens, cyborgs and big boats(1 comment)
The most memorable scenes from James Cameron movies past. more
ScreenLighter than air
The glib Up in the Air is entertaining but insignificant. more
ScreenMe and Orson Welles
Presented with a movie called Me and Orson Welles, one can’t help but immediately wonder who “me” might be. more
ScreenThe Road
The actual end of the world would just be incredibly shitty. more

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Sugar and (not enough) spice at Jasmine Thai
TasteA varied menu and low prices attract, but Jasmine Thai has one great weakness.
Popcorn mania
TasteDill pickle popcorn. Zingy, salty, impossibly pickly—and difficult to stop eating.
Grilled cheese mania
When is a grilled cheese not a grilled cheese?




CD Cover Idol expectations
How Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle's new releases are shaping up.
CD Cover Nirvana
Nirvana was the most important band in the world in 1992.
CD Cover Radiohead
Ratings apply to “new” material only; we all know how good the originals are.

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Cocktail of the Week Dec 17, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Gentleman Jack

Ne-Yo predicted 2009 would be the Year of the Gentleman. The fashion, music and beverage industries have united, creating these triple threats—men of sophistication who can be hip while wearing ...