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October 7-October 13
Best in PrintNevada Ballet Theatre’s turning pointe
‘Dance event of the year’ will showcase director James Canfield’s range read article
Best in PrintSex, scandal and missing receipts at the Erotic Heritage Museum
Assistant curator Laura Henkel is out, questions are being asked and drama builds. read article
Best in PrintI’m with famous: Rick Lax fakes celeb pictures at Madame Tussauds
Taking photos with celebrities won’t change your life, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bask in the glow read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionVdara Death Ray? What Vdara Death Ray?
Rick Lax goes in search of the now-infamous Death Ray—and gets himself kicked out of the pool. more
The IntersectionInsurgo’s founder should be ashamed of his gay-bashing message to a critic
That’s right, someone in the theater, a place we all believe to be a haven for all sorts of societal misfits and outcasts, felt it ... more
The IntersectionNina Hartley’s adult film career has been long, distinguished and trailblazing—and it’s far from over
Meet a porn pioneer: outspoken feminist, sex educator and advocate for sexual freedom. more
The IntersectionPahrump Valley Winery ready to stomp some grapes
Your feet - they’re for walking, running and - wine stomping? more
Another reason to hate your homeowners association
Feeling blue? Don’t worry. It’s probably not your fault. more
The IntersectionFor fans of this year’s BikeFest, it’s all about life, death and choppers
In the same way the patches of a well-worn jacket tell the story of one biker, the booths erected on the floor of Cashman Center ... more
The IntersectionMaking it better: The bullying of gay and lesbian teens must stop, lawmakers say
Inspired by the recent suicides of several gay teenagers, local activists held a Bully-Free Zone Rally. more
The IntersectionMemories of Tony Curtis from his star-studded funeral
Applause and laughter were far more prevalent than tears at Palm Mortuary on October 4. more
Dream Zone: ‘putting mascara on my armpit hairs’
WOW! What in the world does this mean? more
The IntersectionWho is your celebrity crush?
Whatta YOU think? The Weekly wants to know. more
The IntersectionThinking about Christmas, hate and more
Also, you know what would suck? Attack ad lawn signs. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Submitted by Roseann Yazzie more


NightlifeHendrix of the decks: DJ Qbert brings the underground to America’s Best DJ 2010
The prize could have been for “America’s Shortest DJ,” joked Qbert as he earns the top spot with skills impossible to ignore. more
NightlifeNightlife news & notes: Rolling Stone’s Hot party, AMG’s world-domination and sake
Jersey Shore is everywhere, Angel Management Group takes over Vegas and a whole lotta sake. more
NightlifeHot Spots: Disco, derby and Disney done dirty
Thieves, junkies, whores, tarts, vicars… the places to see all that craziness and more this week. more
NightlifeNightclub & Bar Awards add Vegas category
Our clubs are so awesome, they’re getting their own category in the annual competition. Nominate your favs now. more
NightlifeTales we tell: Nightclub pickup lies … and the bitter truth
The lines tourist dudes spoon-feed ladies and the local ladies’ lies to tourists. more
NightlifePink Ribbon Saketini
Drinking saves lives. More specifically, the money raised from the sale of a certain cocktail does. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentHendee exhibit ‘Ice’ is built around sci-fi, yet brilliantly housed in a history museum
Ice Next Time imagines a looming Dark Age in which all technology has collapsed and digital records have been destroyed. more
Arts and EntertainmentWeezer’s music isn’t what it once was, but the live show’s still fun
There are plenty of reasons to dislike Weezer, but after a performance in Vegas, random, free-spirited dorkiness still rules. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe Rooks’ final show comes with no hard feelings
Get ready to say a fond farewell to a local favorite. more
Arts and EntertainmentArt incognito: CAC’s new exhibit is hidden in plain view
The current show at Contemporary Arts Center might have visitors asking, “Where’s the exhibit?” more
Arts and EntertainmentEight random excerpts from Vince Neil’s new book
“Tattoos and Tequila: To Hell and Back with One of Rock’s Most Notorious Frontmen” more
Arts and EntertainmentWhat to watch and where to go this week
The Social Network, LCD Soundsystem and more! more
Arts and EntertainmentMatador at 21: Fest of a lifetime
Indie icons rock out centerstage during record label’s anniversary weekend more


ScreenKind of’ isn’t good enough: The halfhearted ‘Funny Story’ feels sorta stale
Despite its capable cast, the film has little more to offer than stale platitudes and canned one-liners. more
ScreenNever Let Me Go’ brings emotions to science-fiction films
It’s kind of like The Island … only better. more
ScreenSecretariat’ the movie is far from a winner
Disney’s Secretariat manages to reduce the story of the Triple Crown-winning racehorse and its owner, Penny Chenery (Lane), to nothing but bare-bones inspiration and exposition. more
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Chinatown’s Taiwan Deli has tasty bites at ridiculously low prices
TasteIt’s the return of Champion Gourmet Chinese deli!
Sing for your supper at Dad's Grilled Cheese
Everybody’s familiar with drinking games, but what about eating games?
Three questions with Village Meat & Wine’s Tim Jensen
TasteYou want kangaroo? No problem. Turtle? Available by the five-pound bucket




CD Cover Sufjan Stevens' CD 'The Age of Adz' is a haphazard patchwork of ...
Disney-reminiscent orchestration and angelic harmonic trills skate around electronic belches, robotic programming and primitive synth-pop.
CD Cover 'Clapton' is a living legend puttering about on new album
Eric Clapton has nothing left to prove, so there isn’t anything wrong with his coasting through a bunch of old blues and jazz tunes.
CD Cover Adult-contemporary hip-hop? It exists on the new John Legend & The Roots ...
Ready for airtime on a soft-rock station near you.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Oct 6, 2010
by Deanna Rilling

Pink Ribbon Saketini

Drinking saves lives. More specifically, the money raised from the sale of a certain cocktail does. Check out the Pink Ribbon Saketini at Kabuki in Town Square. For the month ...