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October 28-November 3
Best in PrintElection 2010: Does it really matter who Nevada chooses?
Welcome to the state of NevadAARGH! We’re staring down the nation’s worst budget gap, we have a ... read article
Best in PrintA mathematically precise, totally objective look at the Senate race
When Angle and Reid go quote for quote, things get ugly. read article
Best in PrintEscape the Fate has moved well beyond its troubled past
On 11.02.10 the world will change. read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionLife after the Liberace Museum
Well, the party’s over. The guests have left. The food’s put away, the pianos are silent and the lights have been dimmed. So now what more
The IntersectionDisappearing Trinity of Terrors
This time last year, the horror film festival was gearing up at the Palms. And this year? more
The IntersectionWhere’s the turnout?
Whither voters? more
The IntersectionColor Salon wants to make you as scary as possible
Good old makeup and body paint, packaged as fun or scary or silly costumes. more
The IntersectionFive minutes with John Varvatos
The American style icon on rock, Ralph Lauren and Converse sneakers more
The IntersectionTruly and refreshingly, Rep. Shelley Berkley is an open book
She answers pretty much any question, however politically imprudent. more
The IntersectionThe CAC is in transition following director’s departure
The Contemporary Arts Center board is mum on what happens next. more
The IntersectionWhat’s the most awesome costume you’ve ever seen?
Whatta you think? The Weekly wants to know. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Submitted by Michael Platte more
The IntersectionEven those who disagree with Harry Reid support his bid for re-election. So should you
Three well-respected and thoughtful leaders in Southern Nevada who are generally not thought of as typical Harry Reid supporters, well, are. more
Dream Zone: ‘handed me a pumpkin’
“My boss was forcing me to make a pumpkin pie from scratch.” more
The IntersectionWhat if Sharron Angle wins?!
A hypothetical look. more
The IntersectionWhy we should vote to give up our right to elect judges
Should you give up one of your political rights? Maybe. more
The IntersectionDefending Sharron Angle
She isn’t crazy and she isn’t a wacko … Right? more
5 things to remember on Election Day
With all the political ads airing, Nevada is aware of the Reid/Angle race for the U.S. Senate. What about the rest of the state policymaker ... more


NightlifeHot Spots: Halloween edition!
There’s almost too many parties for Halloween, so here are the BEST ones to check out. more
NightlifeCostumes ad nauseam: Halloween get-ups that have gone stale
Besides the plethora of Jersey things we’ll see, here are a few more costumes we’re sick of seeing in Vegas clubs. more
NightlifeTales from the Sindustry: Halloween Edition with Zee Zandi
Getting the night off on a Halloween is practically unheard of in nightlife. But Zandi had a plan… more
NightlifeThree questions with DJ Shadow
Before coming to Vegas, The trip-hop pioneer chats about his next album, contemporary DJ culture, why his eyes glow in DJ Hero and more. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentComic books ‘The Broadcast,’ ‘American Vampire’ succeed at scary stories
Stephen King writes comic books? They’re good, of course. more
Arts and EntertainmentHeavy metal nostalgia: Thrash’s “big three” take Pearl audience back in time
Three of the “big four” bands of the ’80s movement that fused underground metal and punk were on hand for the show. more
Arts and EntertainmentInterpol’s got no D
Five things Spencer Patter wrote in his notebook at the Joint Friday night. more
Arts and EntertainmentWhere to go and what to eat this week
We’ve got awesome Halloween parades and delicious crabs! more
Arts and EntertainmentThree reasons to see Kevin James and Ray Romano
If you weren’t a die-hard fan of their CBS sitcoms (or even if you were), here’s a few reasons to see the King of Queens ... more
Arts and EntertainmentChatting with Vegas Valley Book Festival closing keynote speaker Dennis Lehane
“I’m not known for being literary 24/7, so Vegas definitely fits part of my personality.” more
Arts and EntertainmentThe JabbaWockeeZ journey down the rabbit hole continues …
MUS.I.C. pushes the boundaries of what a Strip show can and should be. more
Arts and EntertainmentA ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ progress report
The year is 2281. I’m jogging through the Mojave … more


ScreenAMC’s ‘Walking Dead’ delivers drama plus gore
Despite being about the ever-popular zombie apocalypse, this new AMC series is more focused on relationships and moral conundrums than suspense and horror. more
ScreenHaunted Vegas: A few questions with Zak Bagans of ‘Ghost Adventures’
An expert on paranormal activity, the Travel Channel star resides in Vegas and recently conducted an investigation in our own backyard. more
ScreenThe bland message of docudrama ‘Conviction’
At times it seems like Hilary Swank works exclusively in the genre of Oscar bait, even though she’s made her share of crappy movies along ... more
ScreenThe Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest’ a bit livelier than ‘Played with Fire’
Compared to the snappy murder mystery of the first movie, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Hornet’s Nest is quite the slog. more
ScreenPat Tillman’s story is fascinating, the movie is not
Tillman himself remains fascinating; the story of his tragic death and its fairly brief cover-up, much less so. more
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Seafood chain Chart House brings solid ocean fare Downtown
TasteIt’s the biggest and brightest hotel-casino Downtown, but the Golden Nugget is routinely overlooked.
Merkato offers Ethiopian favorites you might not realize you’ve already enjoyed
TasteHere, you’re immediately immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of another land.
Food, Wine and Fabio
TasteIt’s time to grab a napkin and dig in.




CD Cover Kings of Leon's fifth LP might be its most radical departure yet
With each new album, Kings of Leon isn’t afraid to nudge its sound into uncharted territory
CD Cover Sufjan Stevens' CD 'The Age of Adz' is a haphazard patchwork of ...
Disney-reminiscent orchestration and angelic harmonic trills skate around electronic belches, robotic programming and primitive synth-pop.
CD Cover 'Clapton' is a living legend puttering about on new album
Eric Clapton has nothing left to prove, so there isn’t anything wrong with his coasting through a bunch of old blues and jazz tunes.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Oct 21, 2010
by Deanna Rilling

A frightful libation

Looking for a cocktail to steel your nerves before entering Fright Dome? Rock & Rita’s, also at Circus Circus, is offering the Thriller, a mix of vodka, red vermouth, blood-orange ...