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June 23-June 29
Best in PrintLas Vegas has become the EDM capital of America. What’s next?
Is Las Vegas the new Ibiza? read article
Best in PrintElectric Daisy Carnival 101
What’s this EDC thing all my clubby friends keep talking about? And other questions about EDC 2011. read article
Best in PrintOur guide for when to be where at Electric Daisy Carnival
Let the Weekly plan your weekend. read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionCanadian riot!
Jay Mohr told Las Vegas Magazine he loves hockey because it polices itself. The fans, however, need actual policing more
The IntersectionConversation starters: From stolen rebar to the death penalty
Impress your friends with these new nuggets. more
Why is Vegas exporting ice?
It turns out Las Vegas has cornered the market on other unusual exports as well, including mosquitoes to Minnesota, lobsters to Maine, kudzu to Atlanta ... more
Can your phone do that? A tour of awesome apps
They weren’t joking when they said, “There’s an app for that.” There is an app for everything. more
The IntersectionSocial media spills out into real life more than you’d think
We are what we tweet more
Dream Zone: ‘offered me a pork chop’
Last night I dreamed that my grandmother came into my bedroom and offered me a pork chop. I noticed it was raw after biting into ... more
The IntersectionBetting: Getting a handle on college football futures
Any given Saturday? Nah. This isn’t the NFL. more
Thinking about Miss USA, Ryan Dunn and more
Also, people think The Onion is real?! more
The IntersectionOld guy blues: What’s an 80-year-old gotta do to find love?
Hugh Hefner, Buzz Aldrin…what does an octogenarian have to do for love? more
The IntersectionA conversation with professional dominatrix Mistress Rowynn
The dominatrix discusses BDSM, the occupational hazard of “spanking elbow” and more. more
The IntersectionAn afternoon with the Starkey Hearing Foundation changed Steve Friess’ life
Steve Friess will soon embark on a new adventure with the Starkey Hearing Foundation. more


NightlifeHot Spots: ATB, Shaq, DJ Pauly D and more
Also, Taio Cruz takes the stage at Chateau. more
NightlifeGetting to know Pasquale Rotella—the man behind EDC
The biggest dance music festival in the U.S. arrives this weekend, and it’s expected to bring many of the world’s best DJs, 250,000 spectators and ... more
NightlifeTotal Wine offers a history of cider—and some great samples
The store’s Henderson location teamed up with the Crispin Cider Company to educate participants on the ages-old fruity libation. more
NightlifeNightlife news & notes: Deadmau5, Bacardi’s robot and more
Also, Artifice throws a bicycle prom! more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentRibbon of Life is a good cause, and also a good time
Golden Rainbow’s Ribbon of Life event has been helping those with HIV/AIDS for 25 years more
Arts and EntertainmentMiss RushCon? Fuh-geddy-aboudit!
It’s for nerds, but so what? more
Arts and EntertainmentLas Vegas sees the return of Home Cookin’
The ‘90s are back—and so is Home Cookin’ more
Arts and EntertainmentArtist Ragnar’s Vegas roots come through in monster restrospective
Before Ragnar was a Disney animator, an author of children’s books, a family man and an accomplished artist, he was just another high schooler at Bonanza. more
Arts and EntertainmentPancake art and butter pad pillows!
Kristen Peterson takes a look at the world of autarkic pancakes. more
Arts and EntertainmentRed Rock’s newest music venue is a bit of a let-down
Motley Crue might not have been the best choice to open Red Rock Casino’s newest music venue more
Arts and EntertainmentWhere to go, what to see and how to primp this week
Truffle tots, free manicures and Katy Perry’s new video. more
Arts and EntertainmentPopping the bubble on The Flaming Lips’ live show
Not even the live Dorothy doppelgangers could disguise the sinking feeling of déjà vu. more
Arts and EntertainmentA few thoughts from Bruno Mars/Janelle Monae at the Pearl
It was all about tightropes and grenades Thursday night. more


ScreenPixar’s sheen is looking a bit dull after ‘Cars 2’
Pixar’s latest sequel is undoubtedly one of its weakest efforts more
ScreenFilm review: ‘Bad Teacher’
It’s no ‘Bad Santa,’ but ‘Bad Teacher’ isn’t, well, bad more
ScreenFX’s newest show ‘Wilfred’ is a mixed breed—er, bag
FX’s ‘Wilfred’ shows a dog of a different color more
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A float worth dating
TasteA locally-sourced dessert that’s perfect for summer days.




CD Cover CD Review: Bon Iver
Bon Iver still sounds haunted (and haunting), but the focus is on the arrangements themselves instead of pain alone in a cabin.
CD Cover CD review: Arctic Monkeys' 'Suck It and See'
The Arctic Monkeys' latest is a step backward
CD Cover CD review: Death Cab for Cutie
Death Cab is getting happy ... and that might not be so bad.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jun 14, 2011
by Erin Ryan

Republic’s tangerine mojito is sweet relief in the summer heat

The gentle hand of spring is turning to the angry slap of summer, and cocktail menus are answering with concoctions as refreshing as a dive into a lake after a ...