After one of the most hotly anticipated nightlife debuts in recent history, KAOS officially reigns in Las Vegas.

The summer of KAOS in Las Vegas

April 18th, 2019

After one of the most hotly anticipated nightlife debuts in recent history, KAOS officially reigns in Las Vegas.

  • There are important distinctions between HOAs that accompany stand-alone homes and HOAs associated with condominium structures—mainly, what they each offer. 

  • Our 2019 Bud Bracket winner is Purple Punch from BaM.

  • The once-transient nature of Las Vegas is changing, and the Valley is becoming a permanent home for more and more residents each year.

  • Of the changes we’ve seen in the past decade, the recovery of the housing market has been paramount to our growth as a community. Today’s ...

  • Looking for a healthier alternative to pain pills? Get approved for Nevada medical marijuana with an internet connection and a few minutes of your time.

  • The Palms today has far eclipsed the Palms we once knew, and it’s only just the beginning. Here is a look at what you’ll find ...

  • Many of today’s retirees are living off defined benefit plans, such as Social Security or pensions, but an increasing number of future retirees will depend ...

  • Here are some of the Valley’s current and upcoming freeway projects, and tips for dealing with them.

  • May kicks off National Bike Month—an opportunity to get outside, get moving and explore the Valley via bicycle. In Southern Nevada, there are more than ...

  • Great cities don’t happen accidentally—they’re the result of careful planning, coordination and strategic regional design.

  • Building wealth is not accomplished by finding a high-paying job or putting money into a savings account—it’s an undertaking that requires a clear objective, thoughtful ...

  • With the recent announcement of Blink-182’s residency at the Palms and the 2018 lineup of musicians slated for an extended stay at MGM’s Park Theater, ...

  • In an effort to propel technological advances in the transportation field, Google recently rolled out a service geared toward public transit. Their first partnership is ...

  • Along with other benefits associated with public transportation, high-capacity transit offers one solution to a problem that plagues many Las Vegans: traffic congestion.

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  • News

    Red Rock Canyon is no longer a well-kept secret among hardcore climbers. Since the Great Recession, the conservation area has reported an uptick in visitors ...

  • A&E

    “I’ll be OK, others will relocate, but the opportunity for that synergy in one place? That’s what the city is losing.”

  • A&E

    What to order at the Steamie Weenie, Sausagefest and Dirt Dog.

  • News

    For do-it-yourself furniture hunters with a soft spot for thrifting and refurbing, here are a few antique eras to keep an eye out for and ...

  • A&E

    He’s got massive hit movie musicals under his belt—2012’s ‘Les Misérables’ and 2017’s ‘The Greatest Showman’—and a stack of Playbills reaching back to a 1998 ...

  • A&E

    The southwest eatery’s Black on Black bowl arrives as a beautiful cauldron of egg-based strings, sliced chashu pork, miso-braised ground pork, calamari and bean sprouts. ...

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    Born in Libya to Albanian parents, Gashi lived with his family in 24 different countries before settling in Brooklyn during the late 1990s. That’s when ...

  • A&E

    The U.K. duo teamed with Kaskade and rising vocalist Roméo on May track “Go Slow,” demonstrating Gorgon City’s ability to straddle the underground and the ...

  • Taste

    Cool down with a Penichillin at the Venetian or a Guava Chi Chi off the Strip.

  • Sports

    The flow of professional sports teams to Las Vegas continues, with another new franchise joining the fray. The Las Vegas Rollers of World TeamTennis began ...

  • News

    It’s the dog days of summer, and desert dwellers may be tempted to stay inside until Halloween. But they’d be missing out on some very ...

  • Hot Spots

    DJ Jazzy Jeff stops at On the Record.

  • A&E

    His new band opens up for one of his original idols, Howard Jones, at the Cannery on July 13.

  • Noise

    With a solidified new lineup and a memorable new record, now is the time to catch Chris Crisci and company.

  • A&E

    Walking through feels like next-level Vegas sensory overload, a colorful carnival of things to touch and play and Instagram.

  • A&E

    Are you ready to step inside a chocolate chip cookie?

  • Fine Art

    Unraveling Identity at Sahara West Library feels like a public service announcement on sexual and gender diversity.

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    Did you know that Las Vegas is right next door to the largest national recreation area in America? Clocking in at 1.5 million acres with ...

  • Horoscopes

    Take maximum advantage of the opportunities that are arising, Libra.