Three death FAQs

Burying grandma, plotting your own cemetary and other death questions you need answered right now!

I want to scatter the ashes of my loved one. Is that legal in Nevada, and if so, where may I do it?

On private land, you need the property owner’s permission. On public land, it is advisable to get permission from the appropriate governmental agency with authority over the site where you want to scatter the ashes. Scattering in national parks is permitted with a special-use permit. (Source: Cremation Options)

I would like to bury my grandmother’s body on my property. Can I do that?

It’s rarely requested, but yes, you can. There is a permit you need to obtain from the Southern Nevada Health District, and there are many restrictions involved, such as keeping the body away from the septic system and water system. In addition, it must be recorded on a deed of record for the house. (Source: Stephanie Bethel, Southern Nevada Health District)

I have a large parcel of land I would like to turn into a cemetery. How do I do that?

The creation of a cemetery is permissible in areas zoned PS (public/semi-public), and the surrounding land must be zoned PS as well. Any creation of a cemetery requires a conditional-use permit, which must be heard in front of the governing body’s planning commission and, if appealed, before the city council. (Source: Henderson Planning Department)


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