Mayor Goodman’s last day on Earth

And other thoughts on their final 24 hours from notable Las Vegans

What would you do if today was your last day?

Frank Marino with his Las Vegas Walk of Fame star.

Frank Marino with his Las Vegas Walk of Fame star.

ENTERTAINER FRANK MARINO “Since I’ve basically achieved most of my goals and dreams, except for getting a wax figure at Madame Tussauds, and since I’ve seen every place on this earth I wanted to travel to, I’d probably spend the last day throwing a party, with all my friends and mostly family (and of course my little dog), to just say goodbye to everybody. But I would make sure to get to bed early for the long trip ahead of me. ’Cause you don’t want to show up anywhere new with bags under your eyes. You only get one shot for a first impression …”

Mayor Oscar Goodman excitedly watches as a shot of Bombay Sapphire gin is prepared for him in a shot glass made of ice at the Minus 5 Experience at Mandalay Place on June 23.

MAYOR OSCAR GOODMAN “After taking care of my wife and family, I would go down to the Pacific Ocean, sit in a beach chair by the ocean with a 1.75 liter of Bombay Sapphire Gin, and drink it until the tide took me out.”

CORONER MICHAEL MURPHY “I would tell you the very first thing I would do, and to me, based on what I know in my job, I would make sure everybody in my life knows [how much I love them]. Too many times we don’t say it often enough to the right people. I don’t want to leave this world with any guilt that I didn’t satisfy that.

“How much I love them and appreciate them and how much they mean to me. We don’t always say that. We let a lot of things get in the way.

“Next thing I want to do is take stock. Really pause and think about how fortunate and blessed I’ve been for the opportunity to live in this country, for the opportunity to meet the people I have. To understand how beautiful a sunrise is …

“On that last day I’m not sleeping. Not at all. I don’t want to lose one second. I want people to celebrate. Not mourn. Because the concept is, I realize without rain there’s no rainbows. It should be a happy time. So that people celebrate your life, not mourn your death … If I could settle all that in 24 hours I might indulge in a few foolish pleasures …”

HEAD COACH LON KRUGER "Just thinking about that puts everything in a totally different perspective. I've been blessed with unbelievable friendships and an even greater family. I know my friends would understand my desire to spend that final day with my wife, Barb, our daughter, Angie, and her husband, Mike, and our son, Kevin. We would relive many wonderful memories and embrace the hopes and dreams for their lives -- and I'm sure popcorn and ice cream would find their way into every meal!"

Teller at his Las Vegas home.

MAGICIAN/COMEDIAN TELLER “I try to look at every day as if it’s my last. This practice stops me from wasting time in idle fretting, and keeps me primed to fight off zombies.”

Jodi Myers, the president of customer development, Light Group.

Jodi Myers, the president of customer development, Light Group.

LIGHT GROUP PRESIDENT JODI MYERS “I would send a jet to pick up my best friends, wherever they may be. Check into a villa at the Bellagio, go on a shopping spree, make sure to max out my credit cards, buy a fabulous outfit at Chanel or YSL, go to the spa for some relaxing treatments before a big night out with all my friends. I’d have dinner at Yellowtail, then go to the Love show and then to The Bank nightclub to tear it up. I’d buy every table a bottle! I’d play craps for big money!! I would give to the three charities most important to me, St. Jude’s Hospital Research Hospital to help children in need, Clinton Global Initiative to help save the Earth and eliminate poverty, and Women Against Breast cancer.”


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