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Holding On To Sound: (Left to right) Vanessa T., Zabi N. and Bennett M.
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The Clydesdale, “Pleasure” ( While you’re counting the days till the cow-punkers’ new fourth album, this summer’s Clementine, why not saddle up to this golden oldie, from 2007’s Horse Feathers?

I Am the Thief, “Monster Squad” ( Apparently, rumors of the melodic hardcorists’ late-’08 demise were greatly exaggerated, as evidenced by the new six-song EP available for free download on the band’s MySpace page.

One Pin Short, “Waiting” ( This road-tested ska-pop tune, the opening track from OPS’ new self-titled album, sounds so polished, you can almost hear a national buzz growing in the background.

Black Camaro, “Calypso” ( Hard to believe Brian Garth and Thomas Miller’s weirdo-rock project has been at it more than half a decade. Hear just how far the Camaro has journeyed with this genius power-pop ditty from December’s Pistachio Moustachio EP.


"Badass Playlist" MP3s

  • Mirror Error (Afghan Raiders mix)

  • To the Sky

  • Waves

  • Pleasure

  • Return to the Gallows

  • Hour Glass

  • Keep Me in the Light

  • Monster Squad

  • Waiting (new version)

  • Calypso

The Faint, “Mirror Error” [Afghan Raiders mix] ( We don’t typically tout remixes, but this one A) is officially sanctioned (yeah, The Faint asked Mikey and Beans to mess with their music) and B) actually sounds a lot cooler than the original. While you’re listening, dial up’s plug for the Raiders at

JLA ft. Neone, “Hour Glass” ( The Macro-Fi collective is chock-full of backpack rappers like these, with an ear for nifty beats and loads to say lyrically.

Jameson, “Keep Me in the Light” ( Recent Vegas arrival Brent Jameson, now 24, recorded this breezy, soulful tune at age 20; bodes awfully well for his trio’s upcoming five-song EP. Catch him solo Friday nights at the Palms’ Rojo Lounge, or with his band, well, all over the freaking place.

Holding on to Sound, “Waves” ( Eco-friendly, alternately super-hardcore/bouncily ska’d-out punk rock, off H.O.T.S.’ January album, Songs of Freedom. On Sunday, the trio embarks (with One Pin Short) on its first-ever national tour.

The Seventh Plague, “Return to the Gallows” ( Imagine a growlier, less merciful Iron Maiden, and you begin to get a sense of these fast-rising, Extreme Thing-rocking woolly metal mammoths.

Underwater Ally, “To the Sky” ( We’re not sold on the-band-formerly-known-as-Click-Bang!’s new name—especially since at least two other acts, including a German rap-metal outfit, have already appropriated it—but that won’t stop us from taking this nine-minute space-rock excursion. –Spencer Patterson

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