Public use of marijuana nudges closer to reality in Nevada

Senator Tick Segerblom says the bill could make consumption at concerts and clubs a real possibility.
Illustration: Ian Racoma

The right to (legally) toke up in public just got a little bit closer. On April 25, the Nevada Senate voted 12-9 in favor of allowing businesses to apply for licenses that would permit the use of marijuana “at certain events.” Bill S.B. 236 would open a variety of doors in the medical and recreational marijuana market if it passes in the assembly this month.

S.B. 236’s primary sponsor, Senator Tick Segerblom (D), who also introduced a majority of marijuana legislation this session, said the bill would grant people the right to use marijuana outside of their homes. “Currently, under state law the only place you can use [marijuana] in is your house,” Segerblom said, highlighting that our 42 million tourists have no place to legally smoke or consume cannabis. “If you don’t have a place to use it, they’re going to be using it in casinos and hotel rooms. The industry is recognizing that we need to have places where people can go.”

It’s not a stretch, then, that Nevadans could soon be able to buy weed at a local dispensary and head next door to a marijuana “club” to consume it in the near future. Segerblom says the bill could make not only these social clubs possible, but could make marijuana consumption at concerts and clubs a real possibility.

Three other marijuana-related senate bills passed, including S.B. 344, which would prohibit child-friendly packaging, labeling and advertising for marijuana products and also sets THC-serving standards for edibles. Under the bill, packaging for edible marijuana products could not include images of cartoon characters, mascots, action figures, balloons, fruits or toys, and edibles could no longer be packaged in a way that resembles candy or products primarily consumed by children.

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