A canned food drive rewards donors with free weed

The Source collected 156,112 pounds of food at its two Valley dispensaries.

It’s an idea so simple, yet so ingenious. How do you get a bunch of pot smokers to donate to your cause? Bribe them with free weed, of course. That’s what local dispensary the Source did during its holiday food drive, shelling out $2 in store credit for every canned food item a customer brought in for Three Square food bank.

The results are impressive. The dispensary’s two Valley locations collected 156,112 pounds of food. One customer alone brought in 1,000 cans—that’s $2,000 worth of weed cookies—before the Source capped donations at 100 cans, according to Source director of operations Brandon Wiegand. “We didn’t anticipate it being this large,” he says, “but in hindsight, it makes sense.”

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