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May 27 - June 2
Best in PrintBest Nightlife Figure: Cory McCormack
Managing Partner, The Nightlife Group at the Hard Rock read article
Best in PrintBest Burger
Four places where the burgers won’t disappoint. read article
Best in PrintBest Strip Malls
The Weekly staff picks three. read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

Where’s the justice for victims of child molestation?
“There is always a haunting fear of not knowing. … That person on the street may actually be a part her life as a closet pedophile.” more
The IntersectionSweet and (mostly) sour chicken
No chicken suits, but what about rubber chickens, chicken T-shirts or eating chicken? more
The IntersectionNailed it!
“I don’t do traditional nails. I do crazy shit.” more
The IntersectionFree advice for CityCenter
Docent tours, a new buffet and more friendly advice from Steve Friess. more
The IntersectionCrazy s#!t I saw with my own two eyes at McBride’s Wonderground
Rick Lax on the scene… and he swears he isn’t drunk. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Fried nom! more
The Intersection5 Things We’re Thinking About This Week
Including Jose Cuervo, sushi and cheeseburgers more
Dream Zone
Milk started flowing out all over! more


NightlifeMDW survival guide: Valuable advice from locals in the know
“This is not The Hangover… Don’t smoke a ‘J’ on The Strip… Bedazzled shirts at the pool greatly increases your risk of skin cancer…” more
NightlifeBy the numbers: Encore Beach Club and Surrender
Square footage, shower platforms and subwoofers! We’ve got the details riiiight here. more
Nightlife Meet your new (Champagne) Beau
We’re well aware that, like books and covers, you’re not supposed to judge the booze by the bottle. But they make the bottles so damn ... more
Nightlife(Jersey) Shore things
MDW? More like FPW for the GTL set. It’s a Fist Pumping Weekend as Jersey Shore madness spreads all over Vegas like the mysteries in ... more
NightlifeSearching for Violet Anne Bickerstaff at Lavo
On Tuesday, in celebration of National Nerd Day, Lavo brought Dustin “Screech” Diamond to the Palazzo. more
NightlifeThis is how you dayclub
We are all learning how to dayclub together and everyone has a different take on how to do it right. more
NightlifeAt the Wynn and Encore, Sundays are all about house music
Blush’s We Love House Wednesdays are moving to Sundays—perfect after a hot summer day spent listening to some of the best in house music at ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentTransformative theater
There are musicals that try to be as bland and universal as possible. Then, there’s Hedwig. more
Arts and EntertainmentBuilding a better island
Love or hate ‘Lost,’ the fact remains: It’s over. Which got us thinking… more
Arts and EntertainmentMid-mod marvels
Mid-Century Modern Las Vegas features some fascinating photographic documentation. more
Arts and EntertainmentRead this now
“Cecil’s notions about sex were based on the bragging of equally inexperienced friends, a crumbling copy of a porn magazine, observation of pets and misguided ... more
Stop reading now!
The literary cheat sheet that makes you sound more well-read than you are more
Arts and EntertainmentLet it pee
Sarah Silverman used to wet the bed. A lot. more
Arts and EntertainmentGet Bamboozled
Five bands from Bamboozle Roadshow you could be hearing a lot more from soon. more
Arts and EntertainmentAir supply
Air guitarists are not losers, nerds or dweebs. They’re awesome. more
Arts and EntertainmentMob talk
Love it or hate it, the Mob Museum will happen. more
Arts and EntertainmentThree questions with international comedy phenomenon Russell Peters
For the still-rising comedian, it’s not a race. “There’s no finish line.” more
Arts and EntertainmentSome important facts about Flight of the Conchords
Giant land snails, Terry Gross and other vital stats on New Zealand’s funniest export. more
Arts and EntertainmentReturn of the ’90s?
Here’s a piece of advice I wish I’d heeded in 1996: Kill your idols. more
Arts and EntertainmentCarrie Underwood
Carrie’s down-home country-girl image was accessorized with 100 minutes of costume changes and set pieces. more
Arts and EntertainmentOK Go: Superstars of YouTube
OK Go bassist Tim Nordwind, on his band’s viral video successes and injuries in the line of action. more


ScreenLetter from Cannes
Even before it began, the 63rd Festival de Cannes was widely considered a failure. more
ScreenReview: “Sex and the City 2”
The bloated sequel plays more like the vacation footage of the wealthy than anything resembling a cohesive narrative. more
ScreenPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time”
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time can tower over nearly every other film in the subgenre just by being the least sucky. more
ScreenThe Special Relationship”
The Special Relationship explores Blair’s connection with Bill Clinton during their overlapping tenures as heads of state in the late 1990s. more

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Steady Society
TasteOne of “Esquire’s” best new restaurants in the country, Society Cafe is consistently satisfying.
Gazpacho with a side of good karma
TasteAt Taste of the Nation it’s not just the food that will leave a good taste in your mouth.




CD Cover Return of the ’90s?
Here’s a piece of advice I wish I’d heeded in 1996: Kill your idols.
CD Cover Band of Horses
Fuzz-laden campfire music in the vein of Neil Young & Crazy Horse
CD Cover The Dead Weather
Cowards isn’t a bad record; it’s just a little boring.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Apr 15, 2010
by Xania Woodman

Now drink this: Sweet charity

Bellagio mixologist Darren West’s award-winning Passion for Fashion cocktail shows his passion for charitable causes as well. The winner of the Don Q Rum Mix-Off last Monday at Frankie’s Tiki ...