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Abe Millett Inviolet Row
Adam Yarbro Army of the Red Sparrow, Skooners
Aily Jacuzzihidive
Amy BandShe
Anthony Yue Centaur Rodeo
Aram Luc Jacuzzihidive
Archie Alexander Mark Barrett Project
Bo Hotchkiss Blue Vino
Chad Felix America Yeah, Tramlines
Cory VanCleef Tramlines
Courtney Carroll Dusty Sunshine, Kid Meets Cougar, Love Pentagon
Courtney Waldro Rusty Maples
D4rkst4r diM
Danielle Lynn Eyes Like Diamonds
Dave Hawkins Lazystars
David Camden, Back Alley Echo
Dillon Shines Tramlines, Twin Brother, Caravels
Eric Zellner Ian Shane Tyler
Greed Deadly Seven
Ish Sanchez cheapPLASTIK!
Jamie Hosmer Santa Fe and Fat City Horns
Jason Andino Erudite
Jason Corpuz Hollywood N’ Vine
Jazz D. Have A Nice Day, One Hit Wonders
Joe Kendall Las Vegas Club, Mother McKenzie
Kelli Andino Erudite
Kevin Brewer Inviolet Row
Lee Scrivner Inviolet Row
Liz Ofte Pet Tigers
Michael Quarentello Jeremy Cornwell Project
Robert "Anthony" Kemper Rockslide
Ryan Brennan I'll Change Tomorrow
Ryan Armendariz Fearless Fearless
Sam Riddle Think
Schweez Omegarilla
Seth Floyd Cherry Hill, Escape
Seven d' Six Seven d' Six
Stephenson Brooks Rise 2 Offend
Steven Wozniak Originators
Tony Fletch
Travis Dunsmoor Old Iron Sights
Travis Lohmann Centaur Rodeo
Tyler McKusick Tramlines, America Yeah
Zach "Dr. Zacharias" Flynn Remedies
Zach Fountain Rushmore Beekeepers
Zach Ryan Rooks

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