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A. Ramsey Savnock
Aaron Cattoir Evers McGee
Adam Swanson Lazystars
Adam Grill Twin Brother
Adriel Rubiks Hotel
Andy Vieluf Chemical Ex
Bill Cuffey Chain Reaction
Brendon Urie Panic at the Disco
Brian Triola Moksha
Brittany Tolman Imagine Dragons
Bunny Pulsar
Chani Riiell Dusty Sunshine
Chris Lash Lips Like Morphine
Chris Headgrip, Guilty By Association, Mordor, Savnock, Bare Knuckle, Wintch Mob
Chris Parkhurst HaleAmanO
Courtney Ballard Air Raid Anthem
Dan Woulfehart, Psychocybin
Dan Reynolds Imagine Dragons
Dave Hawkins Lazystars
Dave Richardson Santa Fe and Fat City Horns
Dave Zand Twin Brother
Dave King Acoustic Soul
Devon Pristow Ministry of Love
Dillon Shines Tramlines, Twin Brother, Caravels
Eric Walther Newsense
Eric Jr. Anti-Sex League, Wintch Mob, Toms
Gabe Centeno Romantic Tragedy
Jackie Pelino Forget the Elegy
Jazz D. Have A Nice Day, One Hit Wonders
Jeff Johnson Lon Bronson's Allstar Band
Jesse Fitts Action Cat
Jonathan Owens Somobe
Jordan Passmore Calvary
Joshua David Wertsbaugh Blood Syndicate
Karoyln Galante Wildcelts
Kevin Stephens Pulsar
King Azure Noir
Kramies Toms
Lex Neon Poppermost
Lon Bronson Lon Bronson's Allstar Band
Marco Brizuela Bleachers
Marissa Rusch Dreamscar
Marites Velasquez Love Pentagon
Mark Walther Newsense
Melissa Marth Big Friendly Corporation
Mike Betting on Tomorrow, Corrupt the Righteous, Deadlight Effect, Guilty By Association, Billy's Kid
Mike Bowman Fab
Nadia Ayala Calvary
Nikki Sissorhands Rockets Incorporated
Niko Saipale Twin Brother
Robert My Dying Heart
Roland "Bob-J" Llapitan Somobe
Ron Rierson Anamorphosis
Rusty Hall Glenn Patrik
Ryan Maloney Indulge
Sean DeVincent Indulge
Sharon Paquette Sharon Paquette
Sonny Saipale Twin Brother
Stephen Chou Theory of Flight
Steve Headgrip
Steve Thriot Dead Element
Thomas Miller Black Camaro
Tim Countdown, Water Street, Science
Topher Koza Yesteryear
Vincent "Beans" Campillo Afghan Raiders
Warren Duprey Vinyl Clouds
Zach Porter Rhyme N Rhythm aka RNR

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multi instrumentalist songwriter with home studio looking for bass player and keyboard player to create originals rock/pop music

Posted by: lasteve on 3/27/13 at 7:02 p.m. (Suggest removal)

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