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  • Introducing Free Laughter Productions

  • you never knew about the titular star of Roseanne Barr: Domestic Goddess Live

  • This Week's Special Events

  • The New Fashioned Twin Creeks, Silverton Casino $10

  • Seeking Hawaii’s hidden treasures

  • Stella Artois’ Draught Masters of the universe throw down at Pure

  • DJ Name: DJ Jace One Real Name: Jason Gutierrez Genre: Hip-hop, dancehall, reggae, breaks, mash-ups, electro. Year: 07 - present;  Club: Rumjungle, LV   Year: ...

  • Checking out the Sin City Chamber of Commerce and Treasures

  • On Oprah’s Big Give, they’re practically the same thing

  • Vegas keeps me growing, and growing, and growing …

  • A decade ago, Chris Trickle was gunned down on Blue Diamond Road.
    The shooter was never caught, the family still suffers, and the driver
    who ...

  • The Other Boleyn Girl is fancy but hollow

  • The Walker is disappointing both as a thriller and a character study

  • Federal agents pay a visit to Pure Management Group’s offices By Joshua Longobardy and Xania Woodman

  • At two new Henderson restaurants, experience the cuisine of Greece and ... Guam?

  • Frozen soul.

  • Where we sort it all out for you

  • Thoughts on expressing civil disobedience today

  • Chatting with a GQ writer about burying it in our backyard

  • Intersection

    Apprentice champ and Trump International executive Stefanie Schaeffer finds a home—and hotel—in Las Vegas

  • A long, perilous road back to stardom for the Strip veteran

  • State cuts will close the Historic Preservation Office for at least a year

  • Disney’s new House of the Future: bigger and more opinionated

  • Punishment issued in a sad case involving a popular local band member

  • Be Kind Rewind is about half as charming as it hopes to be

  • Is Valentine’s Day different from any other day at a brothel?

  • A spooky, avant-garde evening in Rhyolite

  • Dopamine Flux blends diverse influences into soulful sonic brew

  • DJ Name: DJ Frank Richards
    Real Name: Frank Richards Comastro
    Genre: House, minimal, tech house.
    Year: 06 - present;  Club: Pure, ...

  • Xenergy Energy Drinks

  • DJ Z-Trip is about more than just mash-ups

  • Dining with a scene as Palazzo’s nightlife begins to emerge

  • This Week's Special Events

  • Lee Siegel takes down the Internet in Against the Machine

  • Literature

    Peter Godwin’s ongoing memoir elegantly lays out history

  • Republicans like the caucus process just fine

  • ‘We had no style then’
    But how things have changed for the fashionable Ms. Newton!

  • High fashion for the slot fiend

  • Imagine the possibilities

  • And a disturbing vagina dentata

  • Our Picks of the Week

  • Big developments afoot for Vegas’ Pandas

  • The Funkraiser will help pay medical bills

  • Where we sort it all out for you

  • Homeowners rue the backyard gun range

  • Lying to protect the institutions they jeopardized

  • What happens after the fire is out and the water damage is fixed?

  • Audience interactive production shows?

  • How the governor’s  decision ends up hurting a season of the arts at CSN 

  • In the age of YouTube, why do we care about Oscars?

  • Mantra Masala cuts the oil and ups its appeal

  • Q&A with Foul-Mouthed Funny Girl Sarah Silverman

  • DJ Name: DJ Urbin Real Name: Urbin Gonzalez Genre: House, hip-hop, Spanish, pop. Year: 06 - present;  Club: Rumjungle, LV   Year: 04 - 06;  ...

  • On the Scene at the Freedom of Speech Comedy Show

  • Caramel Truffle
    Noir Bar, Luxor

  • Bringing the absurdist tradition into the present

  • NBT’s varied program tackles both extremes

  • You’ll want to beam yourself away from Jumper

  • George Romero goes to the zombie well one too many times

  • Club Cyanide strikes a balance between lighthearted and dark

  • This Week's Special Events

  • For local emcee TDK, an aborted athletics career launched a thousand rhymes

  • Music

    Mirage lounge teams with LA station, beefs up live calendar

  • And plenty in between. Forget the stars and thumbs—for our best Review Issue ever we enlisted our own 60-Second Critic to deliver the final judgments

  • The characters of the Vegas we know

  • A rhyme just in time for Valentine’s

  • Before the phrase “It’s like trying to herd cats” was common in the American lexicon, Gregory Popovich was learning to do just that while working ...

  • Carefully crafted desserts and more at Payard

  • Owner Robert Valencia has replicated the ethos of the big-city Mexican taco stand. Red and green chili stew is big here. The best tacos include ...

  • Die-hard live-music lovers worry about losing a venue

  • Should we consider a future without the money-losing Las Vegas Monorail?

  • Can’t we do something about all these political placards?

  • We hardly knew

  • 11 things you should know about Vegas’ black history

  • Tom Jones’ chest beard is just the beginning

  • Our Picks of the Week

  • Peggy Allison is the author of The Fundamentals of Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide for the Beginner. She is a professional astrologer who lives on St. ...

  • At the door, managing the floor—mohawks rule the night

  • Q&A with Pounders’ Monday Night Raw Comedy host Diaz “The Golden Child” Mackie

  • Does the future of Vegas art involve Nutella lattés?

  • Blow Energy Drink $9.95 / 2 vial trial pack

  • The suite life of branded party rooms

  • DJ Name: DJ GC, The Golden Child Real Name: Gil Ominga Genre: Hip-hop, house, mash-ups, salsa, merengue, Latin house, ‘70s, ‘80s. Year: 08 - ...

  • This Week's Special Events

  • A few words with choreographer James Canfield

  • Ay Chung Cafe offers a not-so-common take on Chinese cuisine

  • Celebrated barbecue king Paul Kirk brings his special brand of smoky meats to the Rio. The ham, pastrami and pork butts are exemplary, and so ...

  • Music

    Catching up with Seth Trotter of The Higher

  • Zia opening pushed back, but disaster averted

  • With Ellis back in fold, Vegas-born band eyes Atlantic record deal

  • Four questions for the Dam Short Film Festival’s Lee Lanier

  • An in-depth survey of the patches, tabs, capsules, liquids and sprays meant
    to rescue your night from a terrible next morning
    By Team Hangover
    Illustrations ...

  • ... that the world’s largest gun park is being built nearby?

  • Where we sort it all out for you

  • Cirque and Le Reve offer plentiful  tomfoolery onstage at Onyx

  • And other signs that the real estate apocalypse was near

  • If Yucca Mountain dies, what will fill the space?

  • Rambo is back and making you pay attention to the war you want to ignore

  • Features

    Not everyone agrees about Hope Baptist Church.
    A story about a quiet neighborhood, a booming church and the effects of growth.

  • Our Picks of the Week

  • Steak sandwiches, hogs, kebabs and watermelon wine